Walk for Down Syndrome Fundraising
Walk for Down Syndrome (Formerly Buddy Walk)
Raised so Far
Name Team Note
amber dungan Racing for Jace
Kelly Wong Kaylee's Krew
sarah riggins The Lucky Liams Love ya, Liam!
Sue & Ken Northern #TeamPanda Love!!!!! XO 😻💜
Briana Prothero #TeamPanda
Alyssa Reid Ivy's Entourage Ivy is such a blessing in our lives!
Anonymous Team Bullmore
Jan Southern Chubbalicious
Taylor Cotter #TeamPanda
Sharon Baird SDSA General Fund
Rebecca Goretzka Team Jayson
Sarah Gallander Chubbalicious Gallanders Love our super hero Zane!!
Kelli Engler Rockin Ryken
Sandy & Bruce Wing Chubbalicious
Jennifer Mauser Eme's Army We love you SO much Eme girl!!
Miranda Propheter Reece's Racers
annette diaz EVAS ENTOURAGE
Andre Wadsworth Down For Leo
Beth Schaulat SDSA General Fund
Jennifer Cook Rockin Ryken Love doing this with you guys!! GOOOO Rockin Ryken!!
Cari Lopez SDSA General Fund
Gina Gulla Boston's Buddies
Chris Burnside Boston's Buddies
Nicole Zemann Boston's Buddies
Julie Sheppard Kaylee's Krew
Melissa Rodriguez Reece's Racers
Linda Williams Jenna's Joy Jam
Anonymous Chubbalicious
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Rachel Collins Kaylee's Krew
Dustin Wiley Team Liam
Anonymous Reece's Racers
Julie Benz Rockin Ryken Rock on Team Ryken !
Brecca Fuentes SDSA General Fund
Kaylee Rodriguez Team Liam
Kimberly Branson Team Amelia
Adrienne Nunez Team Amelia
Pam Pike Rockin Ryken
Amanda Brewer Chubbalicious
Melinda Oklok Reece's Racers
Vanessa Durazo Julio's Minions
Kathy Factor Andrew's Krewe So proud to be Andrew's parents!
Kara Zwick Chubbalicious
Joshua Jumper Kaylee's Krew
Megan De La Cerda Reece's Racers
Angela Glodowski Boston's Buddies
Mark Osman Reece's Racers
Heidi Ushinski Boston's Buddies Love ya Boston Boy!!
Kristina Floyd Tread with Ted
Kristina Floyd Tread with Ted
Dee and Brian Boston's Buddies
Lisa Novelli SDSA General Fund
Laura Kimble Martin Tread with Ted
Dawn DeHaven Chubbalicious
Ginger Stafford Tony's Tigers
Denise Ford SDSA General Fund
Rocky Atkinson Julio's Minions
Butch & Kathy Wentz Boston's Buddies Wish we could be there to walk with you all !!!
Scott Wentz Boston's Buddies
Torrey Hambrick Boston's Buddies
Elizabeth Davis Tony's Tigers
Anonymous Tony's Tigers
Carolyn Washington Team ZaKai
Scott Wentz Boston's Buddies
Danielle Nowak The Lucky Liams
Sarah Call SDSA General Fund
Jill Nico Tony's Tigers
Joy Atteberry SDSA General Fund
Allison Leary Boston's Buddies Lots of love to all of you!
Joan Mollet Boston's Buddies
Rae Spiers Boston's Buddies I want to see photos!
Eleanor DuBoce The Lucky Liams For my special little guy from Big Granny looking down on you from heaven.
Kelli Engler Rockin Ryken GO RYKEN!!!!
Nettie Leifheit Boston's Buddies
Judy Hill Boston's Buddies
Chaunacy Armstrong Tony's Tigers
Michael Mintz Kaylee's Krew
Shonna Young Rockin Ryken
Rose Salcedo SDSA General Fund
Anonymous Kaylee's Krew
Andrea Bevil Matthew Mania
Betsy Granberry Chubbalicious Go Team Chubbalicious
Paula Oviedo Devyn's D-Unit
Joe Gile The G-Team Go G-Team wish we could be there!!!
Rina Quintanilla Richard The Champion
Heather Gonzales Boston's Buddies
Thomas Bromley The Lucky Liams Go Team Liam!
Jennifer Cruise Boston's Buddies
Jessica Loza Down For Leo
Stephanie Spade The Lucky Liams Love you Liam❤️
Maria Almanza SDSA General Fund
Michelle Hartman Kaylee's Krew Ana is working hard to get donations! :)
mike matson SDSA General Fund
April Cruise Boston's Buddies Love you BOSTON
Heather Pontious Devyn's D-Unit
Joshua Jumper Kaylee's Krew
JULIE FABISZAK Kaylee's Krew sponsoring Ana
Barbara Williams Kaylee's Krew sponsor for Ana Anderson
Kim Jorgensen Chubbalicious Anything for Zane
Megan Pfaff Boston's Buddies
Niccole Zeman Boston's Buddies
Anonymous The G-Team
Guy Robinson Miracle Madden's Minnions
KARLA GOOD Kaylee's Krew sponsoring Ana
Charity Hollywood Kaylee's Krew Sponsorship for Ana (and Becky :) )
Michele Rayl Tread with Ted
Victor Rivera Boston's Buddies
Dale Tennyson Kaylee's Krew Ana Sponsor
Jenny Young Kaylee's Krew
ana anderson Kaylee's Krew
George Lester SDSA General Fund
Molly Moriarty Tread with Ted Good luck! Miss and love you all!
Laura Kimble Martin Tread with Ted
Diana Quach Ants Go Marching
Kari Newell MRTTQC
Jacqueline Killourie SDSA General Fund
Jeff Jeppesen The G-Team
Margaret Rierson Chubbalicious
Jennifer Hall Chubbalicious
Anonymous Andrew & The Chipmunks
Jen Granberry Chubbalicious We love our son Zane!
Anonymous Boston's Buddies
Larry Woo Andrew & The Chipmunks Good luck on the walk!
David Case Andrew & The Chipmunks
Diane Hastings SDSA General Fund
Brandy Flores Team Jayson
Lauren Seitter Landons Lions
Jared Phelps SDSA General Fund
Rebekah Reinke Kaylee's Krew
Aaron Onifer Kaylee's Krew
Sara Wilson SDSA General Fund
Gina Johnson SDSA General Fund Love you David! We are so proud of you and can't wait to Celebrate Down Syndrome
Anonymous Test Team Test Donation
Yvette Lawrence SDSA General Fund
Kayla Zidow SDSA General Fund
Jacob Garcia SDSA General Fund Keep up the great work Gina and staff! THANK YOU for all you do!
Constance Geahlen SDSA General Fund In Honor of Hannah Roark "Hannah's Happy Feet"
Anonymous SDSA General Fund