Walk for Down Syndrome Fundraising
Walk for Down Syndrome (Formerly Buddy Walk)
Raised so Far
Name Team Note
Arthur Yee SDSA General Fund
Erwin & Kay Perelstein Team Bullmore
Linda Jones SDSA General Fund Tried to do this thru AZ Gives but you were not listed.
Kathy Dumaplin SDSA General Fund
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Jacob Garcia SDSA General Fund Thank You for all you do!
Pat White SDSA General Fund
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Anonymous SDSA General Fund Balance 2016 contributions
Carla Van Riper SDSA General Fund 2016 tax donation
Chelsea Robson SDSA General Fund From ChelseaRobson.com
Jeremy Chavez SDSA General Fund Team Mortenson
Mortenson Construction SDSA General Fund Donated as part of the Mortenson Construction drive.
Jacob Schwab SDSA General Fund Mortenson Construction
Ryan Banning SDSA General Fund Mortenson Construction
Devin Hunsaker SDSA General Fund Donated as part of the Mortenson Construction drive.
Performance Contracting Inc. SDSA General Fund TEAM MORTENSON
Martin Eroh SDSA General Fund Event: Smith and Annala Engineering - SDS Golf Tournament
John Hopen SDSA General Fund
Kimberly Buchheit Andrew's Krewe
Chad Mead SDSA General Fund
Danielle Cobb SDSA General Fund
Dolores liebel SDSA General Fund In memory of Anna Conley
Jacqueline Pagnanelli SDSA General Fund In Loving Memory of Anna May Conley, from Jenny, Joyce&Pat, Jackie
Cristi Peschka SDSA General Fund
Pacer Udall SDSA General Fund AZ Tax Credit
Jacqueline Paddock SDSA General Fund Chloe Ceh - "Chloe's Club"
Paul Chapman SDSA General Fund 501C Donation
Rebecca DalMolin SDSA General Fund
Ellyn Manzo SDSA General Fund For the Love & Life of Zoraya
Diane HANSON SDSA General Fund
Cynthia Bettes SDSA General Fund Happy Birthday Syliva "Gracie" Lopez
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Hieu Cox SDSA General Fund
Wendy Kauffman SDSA General Fund
Shawn Brockway SDSA General Fund
Jim & Janis Parks SDSA General Fund in honor of our grandson Jacob
Todd Hrabak SDSA General Fund AZ Charitable Giving
Craig Cantrill SDSA General Fund
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Erich Krietemeyer SDSA General Fund Arizona State Tax Credit Donation
Alicia Larsen SDSA General Fund 2016 AZ Tax Credit donation
Vicki Aylstock SDSA General Fund
Marie Kowalski SDSA General Fund
Anonymous SDSA General Fund Qualifying Charitable Organization donation
Zach Sakas SDSA General Fund In memory of Uncle Bill Grogan
Yvette Archuleta Team Bullmore Late as always, but I'm with you.
Kim Morton SDSA General Fund
Kristopher Woolley SDSA General Fund This is for the Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona 25th Anniversary Gala on Oct 28 -- c/o Carol Tingey
Maury Robinson SDSA General Fund
Anonymous SDSA General Fund Gala Table - call Lisa Blair for the names of the guests. Thanks.
Daren Riley SDSA General Fund Friends of the Grogan/Sakas family
Tipton Orthodontics SDSA General Fund Hannah Blair
Thomas Galvin SDSA General Fund
Anonymous SDSA General Fund SDSA Gala in memory of Uncle Bill Grogan
Doris Redmond SDSA General Fund In Memory of Jadyen Rose
Lesa Bornost SDSA General Fund In Memory of Katie
Beth Dormady Team Bullmore
Richard Case Andrew & The Chipmunks
Andrew O'Connor SDSA General Fund Team Jude for President
Milestone Pediatrics LLC SDSA General Fund Sponsorship
Carol Tingey SDSA General Fund
Janet Stathas SDSA General Fund
Judy Smith SDSA General Fund
Gary Robar SDSA General Fund
German Portillo SDSA General Fund Por Mi Nina Bella
Lori Pomeroy SDSA General Fund T-shirts
Arturo Perez SuperKai's SuperFriends
Vallabhdas Patel SDSA General Fund For EJ Patel
Bharat Patel SDSA General Fund For EJ Patel
Nannette Nieto SDSA General Fund
Mary Lundell SDSA General Fund
Venessa Lopez Bina Boo's Dream Team
Stefanie Hedlund SDSA General Fund
Jael Duarte SDSA General Fund
Sarah DeLeon SDSA General Fund In Behalf of Leroy Ortiz
Carol Copp SDSA General Fund For Lizzy
CB Dental PLLC SDSA General Fund
Lori Portillo Bina Boo's Dream Team
Zuleika Corral SDSA General Fund In Behalf of Leroy Ortiz
Pat Wynveen The G-Team
Anonymous SDSA General Fund Table for the Gala
Anonymous SDSA General Fund In honor of Andrew Case and to purchase a Gala ticket for his mom, Lisa Case.
Ken and Lynn Allen The G-Team
Lillian Jaccarino Reece's Racers
Stevie Stettler Miracle Madden's Minnions Sorry we couldn't make it to the walk, but we love Madden!!!
Leslie Ruiz The G-Team For Gavin!! Sorry we were not able to make the walk this year. Miss you!!
Timothy Oakley Katrina's Krew Good luck to the Krew!!!
Anonymous Landons Lions
Marie Conley Andrew's Krewe We love you so much
Alica Allen Ryan's Ranch
JD Kimbrell Katrina's Krew CCDH Family - <3
Debra Albright Katrina's Krew CCDH Family - Go Katrina!
Debra Valeriani Eme's Army
Keith Poole SuperKai's SuperFriends
David Holleran SuperKai's SuperFriends
Elizabeth Burtnett Andrew's Krewe Story this is late! Glad you had a nice walk day!
Jeanne Cullen Reyna
Claudette Weitzul Team Brian You are awesome! Love you . Aunt Claudette
Mary Maule Team Bullmore Love you guys!
Beth Coons SDSA General Fund We cannot attend the Gala but wanted to make a donation.
Glenda Lopez Landons Lions Go Landons Lions
Tina Ellison The G-Team
Isabel Quintana Andre Wagner
Kami Sanders Tread with Ted Have a great time Ted, can't wait to meet you, love Addison!
Ed & Sue Brucato Team JAG Have a great walk Team JAG
Nicole Stanton Reece's Racers Go Reece!
Diane Jezek-Powell Mountain Shadows DVUSD In support of Gia Ledbetter!
Tina Cole Marissa's Minions
Rebecca Bueno Marissa's Minions
Audrey & Tony Lemberger The G-Team
LeeAnne Gill The G-Team
Angela Stout Team JAG Go Jamo! Love Aunt Ange and Cece
Jeff Hughes The G-Team Look forward to meeting G one day soon! Behind you guys 100%!!
Maria Gaspar SDSA General Fund
Martha Salas Reyna
Martha Mendez Andre Wagner
Jenn Postovit SDSA General Fund
Martha Salas Reyna
Lawrence DeCesare Ruben's Team
Emily Johnson Reece's Racers
Juanita Atkins Reece's Racers
Deborah Trimble SDSA General Fund
Alexa Diaz SDSA General Fund
Jordan Pryor Reece's Racers
Isabel Perez SuperKai's SuperFriends Yay Kai!!!!!
Josue Guerrero Reece's Racers
Nora Vazquez Andre Wagner
Lisa Henry Down With Zooey Go Zooey's Team!!
Tera Williams SDSA General Fund
Anonymous Zaynah's Bananas
John, Sue & Abby Nobile The G-Team Best of Luck on your run!
Brittany Dichraff SDSA General Fund
Anonymous Marissa's Minions Love my niece Marissa!
kristi fierro Jenna's Joy Jam Love you to the moon Jenna!
Micharl Cluff Team Paigey
Alison Johnson SDSA General Fund
Brittany Hodge Devyn's D-Unit
Jeff Leavy The Lucky Liams Love you sweet Liam!
Suzanne Tedrow Racing for Jace
Eva Gorney Team JAG Yay Jamison! Sending love from the Gorneys on the east coast
Stacie and David Wylie The Lucky Liams T-shirt money + some extra love
Lisa Lacy The G-Team We love you Gavin!
Rodolfo Hernandez Ruben's Team
Linda Lawrence The G-Team Go Rehbein family
Carolyn Hopkins Devyn's D-Unit
Jessica Boothe Ryan's Ranch
Brenna Rasmussen SDSA General Fund
Rosanne Jones Brooklynn's Barrel of Monkeys
Eloisa Ventura Down With Zooey
Debra Allen Run After Seth! Go Seth Go!!
Tina Fuller Kassidy's Groupies
Sarah Harmon Miracle Madden's Minnions
Trey Goodman Team Liam
Mireya Corral-Garcia Down For Leo
Veronica Beckum SDSA General Fund For our love Ariston Dean Danzy
Erica Gonzalez Julio's Minions Love doesn't count chromosomes
Tanja Hooper Kaylee's Krew Let's Do This!
Aurora Rodriguez Julio's Minions We love you Julio!
Jessica Zajdel Andre Wagner
Norma Gutierrez Andre Wagner
Erika Lyons SDSA General Fund
Amber Fierros Jake's Mystery Team
Natalie Turnage SDSA General Fund
Kellie Miller The Zane Train sending love and hugs from you family in Walpole Mass
Scott Wortendyke EZ Company
Kim Matteson SDSA General Fund
Debbie Taylor Team JAG Love you handsome!
Amber Fierros Jake's Mystery Team We love to be a part of this
Sue Kimbrell Jake's Mystery Team LOVE this, so happy to be a part of it
Anonymous Ivy's Entourage
Veronica Camargo Down For Leo
Jason Cascio Landons Lions Best of luck to you!
Chaunie Horton Team ZaKai Kai, auntie loves you!!!
Andrea Temarantz SDSA General Fund
caroline kidd Andrew's Krewe
Sally Baker Reece's Racers
Nathan, Jessica & Kira Moran Tread with Ted Good luck!!! Go team tread with Ted.
Maybell White Lydi's Joy
Jillian Klosowski SDSA General Fund
Tyler Ricci Team Jayson
Judy Fisher Team Jayson
Anonymous Andrew's Krewe
Carol Parris Team ZaKai
Tina Hendrickson Team JAG Go team JAG!!!
Anne Bradley Racing for Jace
Anne Bradley Racing for Jace
Jared Farnsworth Boston's Buddies
Sarah Lombardi Tread with Ted Reach for the stars Ted!!!
Victoria & Rod Granberry Chubbalicious
Molson puntillo Team JAG Go team JAG!!
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Chauche Boo Team JAG Go team JAG
Jennifer Marble Brooklynn's Barrel of Monkeys
Lisa Bricker SDSA General Fund
jorge vargas Team Jayson
Renee Vielhauer SDSA General Fund
Angela Rose Ryan's Ranch Go Ryan!
Bryan Flynn The Lucky Liams
Christine Factor Andrew's Krewe
Filippo Chiarenza Ivy's Entourage
Emma Rigollot Andre Wagner Rigollot Family
Alyssa Howard EJ's Entourage Have fun
Daniel Spradlin Ivy's Entourage Love you Ivy Lynn!!!!
Bill and Jan Conley Andrew's Krewe Love you Andrew. Nani and Pappy.
Brooke Couturier The Zane Train
Deborah Trimble Team Jayson With Love The Trimble Family
Reyna Gutierrez Andre Wagner
Sarah Gates Tread with Ted We love you Ted!!!
Vincent Steiner SuperKai's SuperFriends
Tiffany Johnson Tread with Ted We love you Ted!
Alejandro Seville JadaBear Jems
Bernadette Holden The Zane Train
Paula Martin Ruben's Team
Stephanie Williams Reece's Racers Sending my love and support to Reece, Alissa, and Jeff!
Pam Nulman Tread with Ted Go Team Tread with Ted! We'll take a loop here in Florida for you!
jairo calderon JadaBear Jems we love you so much
Anonymous Ruben's Team
Lorena Seville JadaBear Jems
Claudia Zabala Down For Leo Espero y logren la meta vecina!!!
andy long Mikaylahs Dream Team
Matt Long-Blanchard Tread with Ted
Patricia Avila Richard The Champion
Anonymous Richard The Champion
Stacie and David Wylie The Lucky Liams We are the luckiest parents in the world! Love you to the moon and back!
Dinora Reyes Omary's team
Wally Torres SDSA General Fund
Denise Dete Mountain Shadows DVUSD
Ike Hathcock Miracle Madden's Minnions
Jessica Romero Omary's team
Alice Spies Team JAG
Lillian Byers Reece's Racers
Stephanie Evans Andrew's Krewe We love our Andrew so much!!! Love The Evans Family
Beth Dormady Team Bullmore
Courtney Byers Reece's Racers
Marianne Sullivan Miracle Madden's Minnions
Carol Tingey SDSA General Fund
Lauren Reichardt EJ's Entourage
Marilyn Yavello Katrina's Krew We are proud of you, Katrina
Lucy Harrigan Team JAG Jameson, So proud of you
Anonymous SDSA General Fund Thank You
Barbra Smith Reece's Racers
Dianne Hughes The G-Team
Lily & Ruby Emory Andrew & The Chipmunks Do it Andrew...do it!!!
Cassie Elias SDSA General Fund
Joanne Crouse SDSA General Fund
Cristen Corupe Andrew's Krewe We love you Andrew!
Shelley Rall The Lucky Liams
Jonathan Alexander SuperKai's SuperFriends
Shelley Rall The Lucky Liams love you guys!
Arielle Gomez Reece's Racers Yay Reece's Racers!
Anonymous Ivy's Entourage
Mary Montes Team Bullmore
Carole & Sam Orsolits Team JAG
Karie Fisher The Zane Train 💙💛
Kathy Ritenour Boston's Buddies Boston you're the sweetest boy we know! Love you
Anonymous Omary's team Corrosión engineering employe
Anonymous Team JAG Go getem Jamie !!! :)
Heather Manning Jenna's Joy Jam We love you!
Harriett Kennedy Kaylee's Krew
marilyn geninatti Kaylee's Krew for Rebekah Reinke's Granddaughter
Claudia Santana SDSA General Fund Family donating for family!
Therese Henry Team JAG
Kaci Carlson Miracle Madden's Minnions
Sommer Newman Landons Lions
Pete Rumschlag Ryan's Ranch Love you guys!!
Janet Myers The Lucky Liams Love you guys!
Anthony Stedry Team JAG Looks like you are going to have great weather. Have fun!!
Robyn Wisinski Landons Lions Go Landon the Lion-Hearted!
Sam Crisante Team JAG Congratulations on making your goal. Love you.
Kara Barratt Team Paigey Proceeds from charity photo sessions
Becky De La Cruz Reece's Racers
John Escobar SDSA General Fund
Alex Seville JadaBear Jems
Estela Morales Angel
Pam Stettler Miracle Madden's Minnions
Erika BeDillon-Billingsley Reece's Racers
Matthew Billingsley Reece's Racers
Linda Klein Reece's Racers
Kristina Brown Landons Lions
Martha Mendez Andre Wagner
Nancy Balzer Team JAG Good luck walking!
Kimberly Baca Team Bullmore
Scott Root Ivy's Entourage
Melissa Gutierrez David's Dynamic Dudes
Stephanie Frankowski Kaylee's Krew Love you Onifers & Reinkes!
Jeff Rivera Reece's Racers
Lynn Celmer Ryan's Ranch Have fun at your walk Ryan! Love you lots! ~ Auntie Lynn
Rhonda Brandt SDSA General Fund
Brian Gething Landons Lions Go Landon!!!
Nathan and Krista Henry Down With Zooey Go Zooey!!
Tina Gartland Reece's Racers
ArTiffany Graham-Payne Kaylee's Krew Embrace, Hope, Dream, because you are loved.
Lorie Maize Landons Lions We Love You Landon, Aunt Lorie and Uncle Don
Familia Carrillo Martinez Andre Wagner I can't wait to meet you Andre!
Gerald Wiley Team Liam
Anonymous Eli's Allies With love for Bubbalicious
Brooke Martin Ants Go Marching Yeah! Ants Go Marching
Maryanne Mognoni Reece's Racers Let's go Reece!!!
Gina Layton Team Jayson
Eleanor Harding Awesome A's
Eleanor Harding Awesome A's See you at the walk Aidan!!
Sara Brockman Landons Lions I hope you reach your goal!! :)
Michelle VINCENTI Ruben's Team
Lindy Nice Ryan's Ranch
Breann Stocking Reece's Racers
Anonymous Kaylee's Krew
Blanca Alvarenga Omary's team
Cheryl Kacy Run After Seth! Go Seth!!
Robin Powers Down With Zooey We love you Zooey
Chelsey Elicio Team Paigey
Damon Barker EZ Company
kara barratt Team Paigey
Anonymous Andre Wagner
Mandy Washlow Landons Lions
Gabriela Zendejas Andre Wagner Thank you!
Melissa Lowe SDSA General Fund
Anonymous Andre Wagner
Russ& Dale Kentgen Mighty Eric
Louis Moore IV SDSA General Fund
Lois and Andrew O'Connor SDSA General Fund Jude for President - Jude Payne
Matthew Baldys Down With Zooey We love you Zooey!
Ray Riemann Andre Wagner
Julie shepherd SDSA General Fund
shelly Staple Rockin Ryken
shelly staple Rockin Ryken We love you Ryken
Sandra S Chadbourne Noah's Ark
Dale Reinke Kaylee's Krew Kaylee rocks my world
brittney price Team Liam
Daddy Marconato Noah's Ark Noah, you are my inspiration! Love you, Dada
Gary Pravettoni Noah's Ark
Kaija Claridge Connor and Cailin's Crew
Twyla Schumacher Team JAG Go team JAG
Patricia Williams Ants Go Marching Love you all!!
Madeline Montoya Awesome A's
Cat Goldman Landons Lions
Yun Tran The Zane Train Love you always!
Anonymous The Lucky Liams
Colleen McAvoy Rockin Ryken Have a great walk and we wish we could be there with you guys! Love you & Miss you!!!
Dustin & Jenna Grabowska Racing for Jace
Teresa Reinhardt Eme's Army
Sheri Candland David's Dynamic Dudes
Barbara Hyatt Kaylee's Krew
Anonymous Down With Zooey
Anonymous Kaylee's Krew
Hilen Cruz Andre Wagner
Colleen Alimena SDSA General Fund Calimena
Rich Blumetti Rockin Ryken
Priscilla Res Team JAG Go team
Jen Levy Andre Wagner
Anonymous Andre Wagner
Lisa Pratt Racing for Jace Go Team Jace!;)
Dan Taylor Rockin Ryken
Joni Barela Rockin Ryken
Lawrence Boor Rockin Ryken
Tina Pavelka Noah's Ark Love you, Noah!!
Marilee Annala SuperKai's SuperFriends
Arlene Say Ruben's Team
Marilee Annala SuperKai's SuperFriends Uncle Shelly and I will be there to walk with you Kai. Love, Grandma Annala
Bob & Colleen Watson Team JAG
Amy Christman Reece's Racers
Marilyn Pravettoni Noah's Ark
Olga Fernandez SDSA General Fund
Marilyn Perez Mikaylahs Dream Team Grannie and grandma loves you princess
george siordian Team Jayson have fun!!!
Steve & Lori Torok Team JAG
Mr. R Noah's Ark Have lots of fun Noah
Wendy Ann Jack Chubbalicious We Love you Zane!! God Bless You!!!
Vicki Geer Blanchette Landons Lions
Anonymous Eme's Army
Anonymous David's Dynamic Dudes
Vicki Pinkus Noah's Ark
Pam Roxberry Landons Lions
Camile Kooi Landons Lions Have Fun!!
Anonymous Omary's team
Jennifer Gould Landons Lions Have fun!!!
Anonymous Lydi's Joy
Mike and Ashley Dellosa Ivy's Entourage
Anonymous Ryan's Ranch
Alvaro Dubon Omary's team
MIchael, Sarah and Rylee McTighe Rockin Ryken We love you so much and blessed to have you as our son!
Pam Josey Landons Lions Go Landon!
Shauna Marconato Noah's Ark
Randa Canter Mighty Miracles
Kelly Castoldi Laps 4 Lacey Mae
Stephanie Bradley Run After Seth! For Our Seth!
Mary Goodchild Laps 4 Lacey Mae
Cheryl Gerzoff Katrina's Krew We love you Katrina!
Lauralee Sprague Team JAG ❤️You Jamo
Kelly Brucato Team JAG Go Jamo! Love, Nolan
Meara Verna The Lucky Liams
Lindsay Chavez Landons Lions I wish we were closer so we could walk with you!!!
Veronica Vozza Awesome A's
Becky Reinke Kaylee's Krew Thanks Joyce Lapera, Julie Ebert, Julie Sheppard, Ema Reinke for donations
Yen Tran Ants Go Marching Go Antz!
Boaz Witbeck Chubbalicious
Gina Braathen Racing for Jace
Lauren Scott SDSA General Fund
john barker EZ Company
Veronica Torres Team Liam
Danielle Cox Kaylee's Krew
Laura Armstrong Team JAG Team JAG all the way!!!! ❤️
Kara Knorr Katrina's Krew Love you Katrina!
Jerry Knorr Katrina's Krew WE LOVE YOU KATRINA!! YOU CAN DO IT :-)
Ryan Cruise Boston's Buddies My best bud
Gina Mahfood Ivy's Entourage I love you my little Ivy!!!
Angella Farsworth Boston's Buddies We Love you Boston!!
Samantha Gordon Boston's Buddies
Maxine Sherman Rockin Ryken Go Ryken!!!!
Megan Pfaff Boston's Buddies We love you Boston!
Kelsey Bandy Boston's Buddies
vincent seville JadaBear Jems
Anonymous Kaylee's Krew
Anonymous Omary's team
Kartika Thornbrew Reece's Racers Yay Reece!!
Victoria Granberry Chubbalicious
Russell Taylor Team JAG Jamison in developing greatly with the help you provide and family support
Phoebe Oneal Team JAG Go Team JAG!
Darby Davis Landons Lions In honor of my son Dylan!
Jade Davila Omary's team
Marina Perez SuperKai's SuperFriends Love you super Kai!
Tony Gorney Team JAG
Paul & Roz Gorney Team JAG
Anonymous Team Bullmore
Ted & Debbie Lucero EVAS ENTOURAGE
Anonymous Eme's Army
Julia Cai SDSA General Fund
Nancy García Omary's team
Gary & Gini Brescia Landons Lions
Jose Rodriguez Omary's team
Lizbeth Campoy Omary's team
Joe & Leslie Felix EVAS ENTOURAGE
Britni and Mac Sewell Team Liam We love you Liam!!
Anonymous Omary's team
Abigail Lopez Omary's team Being faithful
Samantha DuMond #TeamPanda
Kristy Pearson Mighty Eric
Alexa Pena SDSA General Fund
Erv & Kay PERELSTEIN Team Bullmore Good Luck in making your GOAL.
Teresa Rivera Reece's Racers
Rachel Scott Mighty Eric
Sarah Goldberg Mighty Eric Wish I could walk with you guys! Have fun, love you guys! Xo
Emily Dietrick Rockin Ryken Wish I could be there!
Maribel Ornelas Omary's team
Mollie Kentgen Mighty Eric We love you guys! Wish we could be there for the walk!
Randi Enger Landons Lions
Angela Lopez Chubbalicious
Daniella Day Team Bullmore
Curtis Pippenger Mighty Eric Have Fun!!
lara turner Kaylee's Krew Go Anna!
Joyce Cartwright EZ Company
Danielle Paulson Landons Lions
Anonymous Eme's Army
Rebecca Self The G-Team Go Team G!!
Kristin McCue Chubbalicious
Pete Owens Team Bullmore
angela pflueger Landons Lions
Taylor Wall Kaylee's Krew Sponsor Ana
Suzanna Joya Bina Boo's Dream Team We love you Bina, love your YUMA family❤
Karl Schneider The G-Team
Anonymous Andre Wagner
Larissa Dohn The Melons
Vickie Williams Team Bullmore
Linda Boye Team JAG
Jason Kanoa Boston's Buddies
Serena Kaua Boston's Buddies
Mrs Diskerud Mrs. Diskerud Richard The Champion
Lois Pogreba Tony's Tigers
Alicia Davis Landons Lions
Anonymous Rockin Ryken
Skarleth Diaz SDSA General Fund
Anonymous Katrina's Krew
Deborah Madrid Team Liam
Anonymous Team Bullmore
Margaret Levine Team Bullmore
Darlene Tyler Landons Lions We'll be thinking of you. Have a great walk!!
Richard Celmer Ryan's Ranch
Theresa Frank Mighty Eric We love you Mighty Eric!
Richard Celmer Ryan's Ranch Fun,Fun,Fun, Gramma & Grampa are ready to walk,eat ice cream,play Games. Horray!
Kristi Smith Team Bullmore
JD & Sheila Kimbrell Katrina's Krew
Gina Johnson David's Dynamic Dudes So thankful for you David!
Karen Price The G-Team
Taylor Cotter #TeamPanda Tshirt
Ronnie Cozzolino Team Jayson
Steve and Germaine Maestas Team Jayson
NINA SANCHEZ SuperKai's SuperFriends
NINA SANCHEZ SuperKai's SuperFriends
Marjorie Marlen EJ's Entourage
Alicia Cost John Robert's SuperHero's You are our super hero, John Robert! Xoxox- Uncle Stephan and Aunt Alicia
Jennifer Mekenas Landons Lions We love you Landon!!
David & Connie Dunlap Rockin Ryken Love ya, Ryken
Jess Ledbetter Mountain Shadows DVUSD
Emily Columbo Kaylee's Krew
Amy Meeter SDSA General Fund
Cortney Ramsden SDSA General Fund
Garry & Antonia Presume Ruben's Team Let's go Rúben.... we're united❤
Jana Loar Jake's Mystery Team Wish I could be there Love you Jake
Abril Perez SuperKai's SuperFriends
Noria Duran Omary's team
TERRY TYLER Landons Lions Wish we could be there for the walk!
Marcus and Valerie Earnest #TeamPanda
Dolores Luna Team Bullmore Love You
Anonymous Ruben's Team You are a motivation
Sheri Reed Rockin Ryken Sarah & Mike - Ryken Rocks - He's #1!
Miyuki Estey Mighty Eric Go Eric!!
Julie Frazier Ryan's Ranch Love from the Oregon Fraziers
Gizelle DeCesare Ruben's Team
Anonymous Jake's Mystery Team
Sara Petersen #TeamPanda
Mercedes Fortune Landons Lions
Taylor Cotter #TeamPanda T-Shirts
Nicole Gorney Team JAG Go Jamo!!!!
Amber Neubauer Landons Lions
kristi Hasley Laps 4 Lacey Mae
Samantha Lopez Omary's team
Karen Werner Reece's Racers Love you Reecee
Harriett Kennedy Kaylee's Krew
Crystal Danzy SDSA General Fund
Brittany Milstein Reece's Racers We love you, Reece! Keep dreaming big!
Kelley Bijonowski Kaylee's Krew
Clara Gomez SDSA General Fund
Kathryn Marcell John Robert's SuperHero's Loving you to the moon and back, JR. Wish I could join you! Hugs!!
Dan & Shannon O'Reilly The G-Team
Anthony Steeneck Reece's Racers
Anonymous Eme's Army
Mitzi Steinmann Team JAG
Brenda Cawley Reece's Racers
Michelle Wetter Landons Lions We love you Bubba!!
mary nicholson Boston's Buddies Grandpa and Nana love you so very much,
Adam Packard EJ's Entourage Go EJ!
Raymond Adams Rockin Ryken
Elizabeth Waack Kaylee's Krew Sponsoring Ana Anderson
charlotte edwards Landons Lions
Diane/Mike Dungan Racing for Jace The best grandson ever! We will race for you anyday!!
Joseph Donlon Team JAG
Robert Finger Rockin Ryken
Don Pundsack Rockin Ryken
Dominican Sisters of Peace Rockin Ryken
Donna Bates Rockin Ryken
Richard Baker Rockin Ryken
LISA KINCAID Landons Lions
Anonymous EJ's Entourage We love you EJ!!!
cheung yung Ruben's Team
Sandy mankin Landons Lions Another great year and FUN walk for Landon!!!
Anonymous Ruben's Team
Susan Perrone The G-Team
crystal panchano Team JAG
Francine Alpizar Ruben's Team
Mark and Pam Phelps The G-Team Go G-TEAM
Ryan Peterson The G-Team
Simple Home Comfort Heating & Cooling Miracle Madden's Minnions Go Madden!!!
Bridgette Ramirez Landons Lions Wish we could be there!
Claudia Farney SDSA General Fund
Molly Skelley Devyn's D-Unit Wish I could be there!!! Go Devyn!!!
Linda Behling The G-Team
Kelly Anderson Racing for Jace Racing for Jace!!
Rachel Clausen The G-Team Remi & Belle will be running XC with Gavin in their hearts!
Vickie Olson Racing for Jace
Jenni Bliss The G-Team
Nita Mott The G-Team
Anonymous Kaylee's Krew Wish I could walk with you!
Trish Cady The G-Team Go G-Team
Grant Young Team Amelia
Joni Vanderveen The G-Team Cheers to Amazing Gavin
Andrea Navas Asturias Ruben's Team
Kevin McCullough The G-Team GO G-TEAM!!!!!
Anonymous The G-Team
Amber Oakes The G-Team Angela!
Donna Radke The G-Team
Sarah Schmitz The G-Team I hope your team has beautiful day for the walk! Have fun!
Eleanor Vinchinski Boston's Buddies Boston, we love you buddy! Sorry we can't be there this year!.
Anonymous Kaylee's Krew You have a perfect baby girl. I hope this helps!
Amy Onifer Kaylee's Krew Donations from The Delbridges, Kaylee's therapist Ashley and Keyla :)
Terry Parsons SDSA General Fund This is for Savanna LaCombe
julia selke Boston's Buddies
Eric, Cheryl & Garrett Flack Rockin Ryken Love you Ryken!
Rodney Palmer Rockin Ryken Let's rock this Ryken.
Cyndee Krause Mighty Eric
Steve Gorney Team JAG Jameson no stroller this year!! Your walking like the rest of us
Bobbie Hulsey Boston's Buddies We Love You Boss!!!
Russ Taylor Team JAG
Roslyn Gorney Team JAG
Steven Gorney Team JAG
Wendy Goodman Team Liam
Susan Baca Team Bullmore
Marion De guzman Chubbalicious Zane your pretty cool!
Jennifer Cruise Boston's Buddies
Michelle Behmetuik The Lucky Liams Love you Liam❤️❤️
Stacy Barraclough Racing for Jace
Cesar Martinez Ivy's Entourage
ANA anderson Kaylee's Krew faye,joan,karen,andrew,adeline,ryan, jen,(sponsor ana)
Anthony Pepe Ants Go Marching Pepe family.
Catherine Marceau Ryan's Ranch Much love to Ryan! We're sad to miss the walk this year, we're out of town that weekend.
Douglas Krause Mighty Eric
Michael Stanton The G-Team
Aldaco Hermanos Down For Leo
Ann Curry Mikaylahs Dream Team Enjoy the Walk
Gen Flores SDSA General Fund
Anonymous The G-Team Good luck G-Team! Love you Gavin!
Melissa DeSanty The Lucky Liams
Alex Perea The Lucky Liams Go, go, go Lucky Liams!
jen chaillie The Lucky Liams
Margaret Ricks JadaBear Jems
John Bliss Team Brian
Michelle Tyler Landons Lions
Stacy Hart Mighty Eric
Steve Johnson The Lucky Liams Steve and his State Farm Team wish you great success
Edmundo Saavedra EJ's Entourage
Anonymous Boston's Buddies Love ya B!
Allegra Biggs MRTTQC
Johna Pacifici-Brown SDSA General Fund Thank You, Looking forward to it.
Meghan Wagley Team Liam
Leticia Chait JadaBear Jems
Arleen Armstrong Tony's Tigers
Lindsay, Charlie & Crosby Abbey Chubbalicious We love you Zane! -Charlie, Lindsay & Crosby
Kyle Olson Reece's Racers
Kara W Clark Team Amelia
Patricia Vilaverde The Lucky Liams In memory of Eleanor DuBoce
Pam and Brian Koehnemann The Lucky Liams We're so happy you're in our lives, sweet Liam!
Laura Pleskac Boston's Buddies
Anonymous Team Bullmore
Kellie Swier Chubbalicious Zaner Daners we love you! Go Team Chubbs
Mike/Stephanie Bell Chubbalicious We lava lava you!!!
Tedi Jo Taylor Tony's Tigers I had so hoped to join the Walk this year, but I will be out of town that weekend. Wish I could see you again. Next year!!
Nicole Earhart Tony's Tigers
JadaMarie Ricks JadaBear Jems
Dianne Foltz Ryan's Ranch
Jeffrey Baldys Down With Zooey
Melissa Bolin Mikaylahs Dream Team Love u guys
portia reynolds EVAS ENTOURAGE mema loves you eva rae
Tiffany Williams Kaylee's Krew Ana sponsor
Patrick Mcavoy Rockin Ryken
Diana Wildman Rockin Ryken Go get'em Ryken!
Jim Gannon Rockin Ryken
Bill and Alida Willis Team Amelia
Anonymous Zaynah's Bananas
Jared Barnard Carter's Cruisers
michael treiman Kaylee's Krew sponsor ana
Sarah Gallander Chubbalicious
Candy Holbrook Kaylee's Krew
Alex Becker Boston's Buddies
Mellisa Castleman Boston's Buddies
Matt Williams Boston's Buddies
Amanda Beaberson Boston's Buddies
Paul Wylie The Lucky Liams
Pamela Carter Mikaylahs Dream Team
Brian & Kristi Oberg Racing for Jace Go Team Jace!
Lulu Swarts Team Jayson Go Team Jayson
Debra Nobe Devyn's D-Unit
Anonymous Ryan's Ranch
April Rhodes Team Jayson Love you! from Chip & April
April Garcia Team Jayson We love you Jayon!!
Christen Frank Mighty Eric Love you and are praying for encouragement (:
Kimberley Mundil Boston's Buddies Hugs to Boston and his wonderful family💜
Bonnie Binder Mighty Eric Good luck team Mighty Eric!
Brianne Burggraf Mighty Eric
Dianne Ruggiero Reece's Racers
Brandy Romero SDSA General Fund
Melinda Nguyen Jenna's Joy Jam
Sergey Pitman Team Bullmore
Sharley Leavitt #TeamPanda
Chuck Cotter #TeamPanda
April & Dan Garfinkel Andrew's Krewe 😀
Ann Sery The Lucky Liams
Jason & Tracy Harvil Rockin Ryken
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
linda smith Team Bullmore
amber dungan Racing for Jace
Kelly Wong Kaylee's Krew
sarah riggins The Lucky Liams Love ya, Liam!
Sue & Ken Northern #TeamPanda Love!!!!! XO 😻💜
Briana Prothero #TeamPanda
Alyssa Reid Ivy's Entourage Ivy is such a blessing in our lives!
Anonymous Team Bullmore
Jan Southern Chubbalicious
Taylor Cotter #TeamPanda
Sharon Baird SDSA General Fund
Rebecca Goretzka Team Jayson
Sarah Gallander Chubbalicious Gallanders Love our super hero Zane!!
Kelli Engler Rockin Ryken
Sandy & Bruce Wing Chubbalicious
Jennifer Mauser Eme's Army We love you SO much Eme girl!!
Miranda Propheter Reece's Racers
annette diaz EVAS ENTOURAGE
Andre Wadsworth Down For Leo
Beth Schaulat SDSA General Fund
Jennifer Cook Rockin Ryken Love doing this with you guys!! GOOOO Rockin Ryken!!
Cari Lopez SDSA General Fund
Gina Gulla Boston's Buddies
Chris Burnside Boston's Buddies
Nicole Zemann Boston's Buddies
Julie Sheppard Kaylee's Krew
Melissa Rodriguez Reece's Racers
Linda Williams Jenna's Joy Jam
Anonymous Chubbalicious
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Rachel Collins Kaylee's Krew
Dustin Wiley Team Liam
Anonymous Reece's Racers
Julie Benz Rockin Ryken Rock on Team Ryken !
Brecca Fuentes SDSA General Fund
Kaylee Rodriguez Team Liam
Kimberly Branson Team Amelia
Adrienne Nunez Team Amelia
Pam Pike Rockin Ryken
Amanda Brewer Chubbalicious
Melinda Oklok Reece's Racers
Vanessa Durazo Julio's Minions
Kathy Factor Andrew's Krewe So proud to be Andrew's parents!
Kara Zwick Chubbalicious
Joshua Jumper Kaylee's Krew
Megan De La Cerda Reece's Racers
Angela Glodowski Boston's Buddies
Mark Osman Reece's Racers
Heidi Ushinski Boston's Buddies Love ya Boston Boy!!
Kristina Floyd Tread with Ted
Kristina Floyd Tread with Ted
Dee and Brian Boston's Buddies
Lisa Novelli SDSA General Fund
Laura Kimble Martin Tread with Ted
Dawn DeHaven Chubbalicious
Ginger Stafford Tony's Tigers
Denise Ford SDSA General Fund
Rocky Atkinson Julio's Minions
Butch & Kathy Wentz Boston's Buddies Wish we could be there to walk with you all !!!
Scott Wentz Boston's Buddies
Torrey Hambrick Boston's Buddies
Elizabeth Davis Tony's Tigers
Anonymous Tony's Tigers
Carolyn Washington Team ZaKai
Scott Wentz Boston's Buddies
Danielle Nowak The Lucky Liams
Sarah Call SDSA General Fund
Jill Nico Tony's Tigers
Joy Atteberry SDSA General Fund
Allison Leary Boston's Buddies Lots of love to all of you!
Joan Mollet Boston's Buddies
Rae Spiers Boston's Buddies I want to see photos!
Eleanor DuBoce The Lucky Liams For my special little guy from Big Granny looking down on you from heaven.
Kelli Engler Rockin Ryken GO RYKEN!!!!
Nettie Leifheit Boston's Buddies
Judy Hill Boston's Buddies
Chaunacy Armstrong Tony's Tigers
Michael Mintz Kaylee's Krew
Shonna Young Rockin Ryken
Rose Salcedo SDSA General Fund
Anonymous Kaylee's Krew
Andrea Bevil Matthew Mania
Betsy Granberry Chubbalicious Go Team Chubbalicious
Paula Oviedo Devyn's D-Unit
Joe Gile The G-Team Go G-Team wish we could be there!!!
Rina Quintanilla Richard The Champion
Heather Gonzales Boston's Buddies
Thomas Bromley The Lucky Liams Go Team Liam!
Jennifer Cruise Boston's Buddies
Jessica Loza Down For Leo
Stephanie Spade The Lucky Liams Love you Liam❤️
Maria Almanza SDSA General Fund
Michelle Hartman Kaylee's Krew Ana is working hard to get donations! :)
mike matson SDSA General Fund
April Cruise Boston's Buddies Love you BOSTON
Heather Pontious Devyn's D-Unit
Joshua Jumper Kaylee's Krew
JULIE FABISZAK Kaylee's Krew sponsoring Ana
Barbara Williams Kaylee's Krew sponsor for Ana Anderson
Kim Jorgensen Chubbalicious Anything for Zane
Megan Pfaff Boston's Buddies
Niccole Zeman Boston's Buddies
Anonymous The G-Team
Guy Robinson Miracle Madden's Minnions
KARLA GOOD Kaylee's Krew sponsoring Ana
Charity Hollywood Kaylee's Krew Sponsorship for Ana (and Becky :) )
Michele Rayl Tread with Ted
Victor Rivera Boston's Buddies
Dale Tennyson Kaylee's Krew Ana Sponsor
Jenny Young Kaylee's Krew
ana anderson Kaylee's Krew
George Lester SDSA General Fund
Molly Moriarty Tread with Ted Good luck! Miss and love you all!
Laura Kimble Martin Tread with Ted
Diana Quach Ants Go Marching
Kari Newell MRTTQC
Jacqueline Killourie SDSA General Fund
Jeff Jeppesen The G-Team
Margaret Rierson Chubbalicious
Jennifer Hall Chubbalicious
Anonymous Andrew & The Chipmunks
Jen Granberry Chubbalicious We love our son Zane!
Anonymous Boston's Buddies
Larry Woo Andrew & The Chipmunks Good luck on the walk!
David Case Andrew & The Chipmunks
Diane Hastings SDSA General Fund
Brandy Flores Team Jayson
Lauren Seitter Landons Lions
Jared Phelps SDSA General Fund
Rebekah Reinke Kaylee's Krew
Aaron Onifer Kaylee's Krew
Sara Wilson SDSA General Fund
Gina Johnson SDSA General Fund Love you David! We are so proud of you and can't wait to Celebrate Down Syndrome
Anonymous Test Team Test Donation
Yvette Lawrence SDSA General Fund
Kayla Zidow SDSA General Fund
Jacob Garcia SDSA General Fund Keep up the great work Gina and staff! THANK YOU for all you do!
Constance Geahlen SDSA General Fund In Honor of Hannah Roark "Hannah's Happy Feet"
Anonymous SDSA General Fund