If you’re the new parent of a child with Down syndrome, Congratulations! Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona would like to give you a new parent packet filled with items that will help you become educated and empowered to help your child realize their full potential. This parent packet ($200 value) is provided to all new parents in Arizona free of charge, and is filled with wonderful items including:

  • Babies with Down Syndrome, A New Parent’s Guide
  • Changed by a Child Companion Notes for Parents of a Child with a Disability
  • Gifts Mothers Reflect on how children with Down syndrome Enrich Their Lives
  • Hope for the Families
  • Early Communication Skills for Children with Down Syndrome
  • What You Should Know About Down Syndrome: A book for Crayons and You
  • Signing Times: Baby Signing Time – DVD
  • Far Different Places – CD
  • Kids like Me Learn ABC’s

To request a new parent packet, please fill out the new parent packet request form. WE LOVE YOU!! (Arizona residents only)