Walk for Down Syndrome Fundraising
Walk for Down Syndrome (Formerly Buddy Walk)
Raised so Far
Name Team Note
Zachary Sakas SDSA General Fund In honor of Uncle Bill Grogan
Lyle Roth SDSA General Fund
Virginia Johnson SDSA General Fund Love that David Johnson
Chrome Classic LLC SDSA General Fund Sponsor
Beth Ann Riske Parker's Pals
john egan SDSA General Fund
Anonymous Braeden's Bunch
Lindsey Smith Parker's Pals
Devyn Fish Katrina's Krew Sending some love from all the way out here in Colorado, I wish I could join you guys in the walk. Your cousin loves you miss Katrina!
Lois O'Connor SDSA General Fund In Behalf of Jude Payne
Amie Wilson The G-Team
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Erv & Kay Perelstein Team Bullmore
Maureen Buessing The Lucky Liams
Anonymous Donors SDSA General Fund
Melinda Hoge SDSA General Fund
Anonymous Donor SDSA General Fund
Patty Keith SDSA General Fund In Honor of Leilani Long
Norda Shepard Miracle Madden's Minnions
The Sterling Family SDSA General Fund In Honor of Luke Blacker
Erin and Dan Price SDSA General Fund In Honor of Clark Daniel
Abigail Silverberg SDSA General Fund
Maria Chokey SDSA General Fund In Honor of Janae Chokey
The Hurst Family Sweet Adeline
Bharett and Chhayet Patel SDSA General Fund In Honor of Team EJ Patel
VC Patel SDSA General Fund In Honor of Team EJ Patel
Kim Felschke SDSA General Fund In Honor of Team EJ Patel
Karen and William Hagerman SDSA General Fund In Honor of Robert Hagerman
Cynthia Hargis SDSA General Fund
Yolanda Trujillo Elijah Entourage
Lori Portillo Binaboo's Dream Team
Carmelita Ramirez SDSA General Fund In Honor of Leticia Ramos
Mandy Lacount SDSA General Fund In Honor of Tori Durfey
Madison Westerman SDSA General Fund In Honor of Tori Durfey
Mary Keller SDSA General Fund
Stephen Werner SDSA General Fund
Anonymous Donor SDSA General Fund In Honor of Adan Cruz
Don Bricker SDSA General Fund In Honor of Rylee Bricker
Catalina Joya Binaboo's Dream Team
Ossso Floor Covering Inc Sarah Deleon SDSA General Fund In Honor of Leroy Ortiz
Zoleika Corral SDSA General Fund In Honor of Leroy Ortiz
Samantha Garcia SDSA General Fund In Honor of the Salas Family
Anonymous Jessica SDSA General Fund
Rose Yanez SDSA General Fund In Honor of Alianna Yanez
Leticia Avena SDSA General Fund In Honor of Isaiah and Jessica Avena
Donald Tutt SDSA General Fund In Honor of Laurie Tutt
The Boothe Family Ryan's Ranch
Mayela Almanza SDSA General Fund In Honor of Emmanuel Piedra
Don Ziemba Carter's Cruisers
Gloria Amaro SDSA General Fund In Honor of Geronimo Lopez
Legend Produce LLC Hunter's Helpers
Ann Sery The Lucky Liams
Nannette Nieto SDSA General Fund In Honor of Felipe Gayton
PJ Stortz SDSA General Fund In Honor of Team EJ Patel
Johna Brown Eddie & The Cruisers
Monica and Loren SDSA General Fund
David Malinowski SDSA General Fund In Honor of Abby
Nate and Ashley Smith SDSA General Fund
Rick and Shalene McGuckin Carter's Cruisers
Galdie Byerly SDSA General Fund
VC Patel SDSA General Fund In Honor of Team EJ Patel
Michael Monaghan Andrew & the Chipmunks
Rudy and Michelle Holquin SDSA General Fund In Honor of Aubrey Marin
Carol Copp SDSA General Fund In Honor of Lizzy Copp
Janis Wilsterman SDSA General Fund In Honor of MacKenzie Letterly
Alan Aguirro SDSA General Fund In Honor of James
Ileana Leu SDSA General Fund In Honor of Team Chloe and Josh
Nadia Leu SDSA General Fund In Honor of Team Chloe and Josh
Anonymous Donor SDSA General Fund In Honor of Sadie
Arturo Perez SuperKai's SuperFriends In Honor of Team EJ
Lauren Patel SDSA General Fund In Honor of Team EJ
Anonymous Donor Sweet Adeline
Anonymous Donor SDSA General Fund In Honor of Jaylah Abby
Jerry and Aggeleki Lloyd Andrew & the Chipmunks
Salvatore and Caterina Pinzone SDSA General Fund In Honor of Vincenzo
Anonymous Donor #teamalyssa
Anonymous Donor SuperKai's SuperFriends
Alice Suell SDSA General Fund In Honor of Jared Carter
George Bear SDSA General Fund
Anna Martinez Binaboo's Dream Team
Maria Saogada SDSA General Fund In Honor of Nehemiah Dionicio
Uncle Adam and Aunt Sheri SDSA General Fund In Honor of Luke Blacker
Eva Vasquez SDSA General Fund In Honor of Edmundo Soavedra
Pam Carter SDSA General Fund In Honor of Jared Carter
Linsey Lew SDSA General Fund
Uyen Doan SDSA General Fund In Honor of Nathan Bates
George Downing Katie's Krew
Erindida Morales SDSA General Fund In Honor of Jasmine Hernandez
Lydia Villar SDSA General Fund In Honor of Parker Tomlinson
Anonymous Donor SDSA General Fund In Honor of Angel Hernandez
Anonymous Vanessa Binaboo's Dream Team
Erin Chumbley Team Jacob Cares
Scott Worthendyke Ethan’s Easy Company
Anonymous Lawrence SDSA General Fund
Tmara Jones SDSA General Fund In Honor of Hailey Halo
Anonymous Diamond Binaboo's Dream Team
Angel Ruelas Binaboo's Dream Team
Mark Hennessey Binaboo's Dream Team
CustomInk LLC Parker's Babies
Andrew Ramirez Sam I Am Keep rockin Sam! Love, uncle bingle and aunt patty
katie krietemeyer SDSA General Fund all aboard services- family in tucson
Janet Stathas The G-Team
Millie Perez Cartagena Ricard is our HERO!!! We love you ... Mimi, Karen, Cris
Anonymous Chloe & Josh Way to go, Chloe!
Steven Brown The G-Team Go Team Ruiz!!
Andrew Peters Van's "Off the Wall" Crew We love you to infinity and beyond times a million Vanny Boy! XOXO
Jim (Van's Bus Driver) Van's "Off the Wall" Crew
Amy Guzzetta Special J
Karen and Fred Rehbein The G-Team Eric and Angie Rehbein (Gavin)
James Larkin MyHERO Trey Lacey Proud of YOU
Shannon Davila MyHERO Trey Lacey Rock On Trey!
Deb Koenig Down With Zooey Wish I could have walked with ya'll today! Love you all!
Debbie McCroskey Levi's 3-21 Genes Cute little Levi, he is so special and a blessing.
Coz Ceh Chloe & Josh We love you Chloe.
Robert RIVERA Reece's Racers
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Jen Stedry Team JAG
Laura Pollard Chloe & Josh Have a great time!
Jamie Travis Action Jackson Love you Jackson! Wish we could be there for the walk, but will be there with you in spirit!
Roseanne Prieto Vinny's Team
patricia gurrieri David's Dynamic Dudes Have a great day David, sorry we're missing it this year ... xo
Patricia Gurrieri Parker's Babies Have a great day Parker, with love from Zane (Brooke's nephew) xo
Kristi Downing Katie's Krew Katie Smith - Katie's Krew
Krista and Nate Henry Down With Zooey We love you Zooey!!
Katie Marceau Ryan's Ranch We love you Ryan!
Therese Henry Team JAG
mike Sandoval Binaboo's Dream Team
Adalberto Martinez EJ's Entourage
Tessie Wilson The G-Team Supporting Ruiz Family
Mom Dad Team JAG Beat beat ba ba beat go Jameson!!!!!!!
Barb Pulvino Team JAG
Karen Clouden Team JAG
Mildred kremsreiter Action Jackson i love you Jackson!
sue mitchell Action Jackson
Felise obrien Memories of Makenzie My thoughts are with you.
Bill and Pat kremsreiter Action Jackson We going to Jackson!
Jeanine Rogers Reece's Racers Can't wait to see everyone!
Lisa wischmeyer Action Jackson go Jackson team!
Anonymous David's Dynamic Dudes Thank you for Sharing so much love!
Angela Stout Team JAG Make sure you stretch Jamo!
Rebecca Riccomini Down With Zooey Yeah Zooey! :)
Jeremy Gorney Team JAG
Anonymous Down With Zooey
Melissa Trujillo Elijah Entourage To honor our sweet Elijah
Rina Quintanilla Cartagena We love you Campeon ma and papa
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Brittany Barratt Team Paigey
Heather Jones Memories of Makenzie For a special little girl ♡
Nicole Cooney Chrissy's Corps
Mick & Diana Baldys Down With Zooey With love in honor of our little Zooey!
Kamaria McDonald Memories of Makenzie Love to you and Makenzie!
Amira Perez SuperKai's SuperFriends I love you cousin Kai, hope you have lots of fun.
Rachelle Hillery Memories of Makenzie
Isabel Perez SuperKai's SuperFriends Miss you this year! Love you Kai!
Cathy Channell Teaming up to get Down
Jessica Ghetes Chloe & Josh Love you Chloe Bear!!!! Have fun tomorrow. :)
Donna Letterly Memories of Makenzie For my granddaughter Makenzie. I love you!
Tom Barratt Team Paigey
Toni Terry SDSA General Fund
Michonne McGovern Reece's Racers
Shelly Montes Eddie & The Cruisers
Tabatha Kelley The Lucky Liams
Jared Farnsworth Boston's Buddies We love you Boston
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Gretchen Rodeffer Ryan's Ranch
Lisa Pratt EJ's Entourage
Kelly Castoldi Laps 4 Lacey Mae Hugs and Kisses to Lacey
Alicia Ford Down Right Perfect Scarlett We love you Scar! ❤️
Nikki Carey Eddie & The Cruisers Keep rocking, Eddie!
Carol Parris Team ZaKai
Stacie and Tom Sahhar Team Sydney
Amanda Jayaraman SDSA General Fund In honor of Liam Howlett and David Johnson.
Mike, Nicole,, Gavin, Hudson Stanton Reece's Racers We can't wait to meet Reece:-)
Melissa Lewis Andrew & the Chipmunks Go Andrew and the chipmunks
Corree Read Wild Angels Wild Angels
kimberly nolasco Da Barners
Bessy Alvarado Cartagena I love u Grandma
Williams Family Ryan's Ranch Ryan you are super cool!
Erica Gonzalez The Chino BOBs This from the thirt sales ♡♥♡ your supporters
Chelsey Elicio Team Paigey
Lisa Mendoza Eddie & The Cruisers We love Eddie!!!
Britni Wiley Team Liam Your more than an overcomer! Love you sweet little handsome boy!... Jesus loves you too! :)
Alyssa Simpson The Lucky Liams
Ila Washington Da Barners In memory of my granddaughter Dynasty and I honor of her beautiful parents, Terrell and BJ
Joe Galarza Team Liam
Darcy Bates The Lucky Liams Sendin our Love! The Bates'
terrell barner Da Barners #bschouse
Anonymous EJ's Entourage
Melissa Stettler Miracle Madden's Minnions
Stacie Smith David's Dynamic Dudes
Trisha Vesely Memories of Makenzie Love you Makenzie!!!!
Robert Schaeffer EJ's Entourage Good luck Edmundo... I hope your reach your goal brotha!
Janet Bingham The Lucky Liams Anything for that little sweetheart!
Johnny Ceh Chloe & Josh
lisa hunt Braeden's Bunch
Amanda Pruett Laps 4 Lacey Mae we love you Lacey
Jillian Johns SDSA General Fund Thank you for all that you do!!
Marilyn Leavy The Lucky Liams Love you baby Liam
Russ & Claudia Taylor Team JAG go Jamo!
Jennie Reynolds Team Brian
David and Kimberely Wertz Team Bullmore
Jessica Anderson The Lucky Liams Hooray for the Lucky Liams!!!
Sylvia Acosta 1-2-3 Arleen! All of our love for you!
Erin Martin Eme's Army Love you Eme!!!
Anthony tucker The Lucky Liams GO LIAM ;-)
Bridgette Yawitz The Lucky Liams
Joyce Cartwright Ethan’s Easy Company
Jennifer Burwell Sweet Adeline Sorry we can't walk with you! Jack loves being classmates with Adeline- The Burwells
Kimbrell Electric, Inc. Jake's Mystery Team Jake Schmidt - we all love you !!
lisa dziuk Nehemiah's Super Heroes Hugs to little sugar bear!
John Sue Austin Kimbrell Jake's Mystery Team We Love you Jake !!!!!
Ed Alonzo Andrew & the Chipmunks Jaydin & Uncle Ed
Sonja Werner Van's "Off the Wall" Crew Go Vanny Man!
Amber Fierros Jake's Mystery Team
Christian Landeros Jazzy Jaylah We love you Jaylah!!!<3
Robert Lamm Team JAG
Marta Logan Ryan's Ranch Sorry we won't be able to attend. Conrad really wanted to walk with Ryan.
Jennifer Young Sweet Adeline Becky we can't make the walk but we'll be thinking of Sweet Adeline and your family! Lots of love,Jenni
Anonymous Action Jackson
Kevin Bellinghausen The G-Team Go get em Gavin!
Brittany Clark Boston's Buddies We love u Boston ❤️ Brittany, Carson and Trevor
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Anonymous MyHERO Trey Lacey From Judy Kenney
Deleplace Family Ryan's Ranch We send our love! Have fun!
Paula Oviedo Devyn's D-Unit
Sandra Armenta Marissa's Minions Nina loves you, Marissa!
Emily McLean Levi's 3-21 Genes Levi is so very special he is a gift from GOD to this family.I thank GOD daily for this precious child.
Gigi Agapie Chloe & Josh Happy birthday, happy girl, happy blessing!!
Brady Assali The Lucky Liams
Anonymous Team Liam
Milinda Preciado Team Sydney
Sylvia Lienemann Down With Zooey Yay Team Zooey! Love you all!
Melanie Lamm Team JAG Yay! Go team JAG!
TERRY KETCHUM Katrina's Krew Good Luck Katrina!
David Kenney MyHERO Trey Lacey
Bogar Soto Parker's Babies PARKER YOUR SIMPLY ADORABLE! !!!!!!!
Liz O'Brien Reece's Racers someday... I need to meet this amazing dude!!
John Gordon Down With Zooey
Paul & Roz Gorney Team JAG Love you buddy
Maria Wright Marissa's Minions My beautiful Marissa is such a blessing.
Lillian Byers Reece's Racers
Pete Rumschlag Ryan's Ranch
Bonnie & Charkie Pritchard Team JAG Go Jamo!!!!!!
Rob Kasprzak Team JAG Daaa Bills!
Debbie Taylor Team JAG
Salvina Ceh Chloe & Josh
Andrea Ziemba Carter's Cruisers Go Carter !!!!
Karin Aragon Team JAG Have a good walk
Anonymous Miracle Madden's Minnions
Lisa Barker Ethan’s Easy Company
Christine Snow The G-Team
Caryn Halstead Parker's Babies
Rich Beecroft Parker's Babies For Parker Tomlimson
THE Sutherlands Parker's Babies
Richard & Nancy Lindsey Connor and Cailin's Crew Love you guys !!!
Brian and Dee M Boston's Buddies
Tammy miner Connor and Cailin's Crew Big hugs to 2 of my favorite little people!
Sheryl Lienemann Down With Zooey
Dianne Hughes The G-Team
Anonymous Team COCO from adina on FB
Jennifer Howland Sweet Adeline
Betty Date Team Jacob Cares
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Marie Chavez SDSA General Fund
Sam Biggs Team Eden Go team Eden!
Curt Johnson David's Dynamic Dudes Love, David's Dad!!!
Sue Cooke The G-Team In honor of Robyn Ann Carlson
Amy Rischmueller Reece's Racers
Cheryl Bradford Team John-Paul God Bless you Chavez family for what you do!!!
Bill and Jan Conley Andrew's Krewe With love, Nani and Pappy
Debra Ferrucci Mikaylahs Croods Hugs
James Williams Noah's Ark for Noah Marconado from James, Jess & Chace Williams
Maria Ghetes Chloe & Josh
Leslie Ruiz The G-Team Let's go G-Team!
The Tomlinson's Team COCO You're awesome Chloe!! See you at the walk!
Anna Reddy Parker's Babies
Christine Perez SuperKai's SuperFriends
Junas Montejo Parker's Babies Love you baby girl. 💗 hugs and honis girl. Unko love 💖
Marina Perez SuperKai's SuperFriends
Tricia Cooley Team JAG
Paul Baca Team Bullmore
Theresa Engelhardt Team COCO
Darlene Werner Team COCO
Melissa Read Andrew & the Chipmunks You rock, Andrew!
john barker Ethan’s Easy Company
Robyn McDowell Jake's Mystery Team
terry and donna murphy Mariah's Miracle we love you all
Allen & Cheryl Gerzoff Katrina's Krew We love you Katrina
kenny slavens Parker's Babies
Rylee and Trey Surovec Tony's Tigers
Margaret Heit Laps 4 Lacey Mae
Lynn Celmer Ryan's Ranch Go Ryan! Auntie Lynn is very proud of you!!!! XOXO
Jena LeDuc SDSA General Fund Jena LeDuc
Linda Klein Reece's Racers
Erin Harrison Laps 4 Lacey Mae
Mike & Stacey DePalma Andrew & the Chipmunks
Lori & Steve Torok Team JAG Yay, Team!!!! Go. Fight. Win.!!!
Sharon Pearson Van's "Off the Wall" Crew Love you Vanny Boy!!! XOXO Vanny's Great Granny
Phoebe Oneal Team JAG Enjoy the walk, and I hope it's not too hot :)
Gabrielle Martocci EJ's Entourage
Vicki Pinkus Noah's Ark For Noah Marconado
Rhonda Hagedorn Down With Zooey Go Zooey! We love you.
Anonymous #teamalyssa
Amber Guymon Reece's Racers
Anonymous Elijah Entourage
Andrea Kruzan Nehemiah's Super Heroes
Carol Satran Katrina's Krew We Love you Katrina!!!
Maria Brzezniak Ryan's Ranch
Dan Cassels Katrina's Krew
Kathleen Ferguson Reece's Racers
Davita Solter Katrina's Krew Good luck in your fundraising
Anonymous Miracle Madden's Minnions
Alda Emma Perez Mikaylahs Croods Love you mikaylah
Anonymous Tony's Tigers
Heather Stimple Mikaylahs Croods Please remember Oliver <3
Tina Hendrickson Team JAG
Rachel Clauen The G-Team Isabelle will be in California running X-Country but it will be honor of Gavin!
Kevin Booth Laps 4 Lacey Mae
Nancy Davidson Cartagena In memory of my brother, Jonathan.
Kara Knorr Katrina's Krew Love you Katrina!! Love, Mom, Dad, Jr, Aust and Kaley
Dennis Maragliano Sam I Am Sam,Sam,Sam, goooo Sam!
Lily & Ruby Emory Andrew & the Chipmunks Go Andrew & the Chipmunks!!!
Jessica Baronas The Lucky Liams
Reliable Refrigeration Van's "Off the Wall" Crew Best Wishes from Reliable Refrigeration Services, Inc.
Martina Leu Chloe & Josh
Tammy Sherrill The G-Team For Galvin Rehbein
Shelley Rall The Lucky Liams We love you guys
David Holleran SuperKai's SuperFriends
Amelia Holleran SuperKai's SuperFriends
Anonymous The Jude Lovers t-shirts
Caroline Ghetes Chloe & Josh We love you very much, Chloe!
Angela Rose Ryan's Ranch
Dennis and Annell Barlow Parker's Pals
Kerr Endodontics SDSA General Fund
Mike Smith SuperKai's SuperFriends
Tina Bedonie-Martinez #teamalyssa With love from Matthew and Sophia
Montez Jefferson Jake's Mystery Team See you Saturday Jake!!
Janine Frey Andrew's Krewe XOXO =)
kat sabine EJ's Entourage wish I could walk with you!
Kelli Bradshaw Parker's Pals
Michael Wayne Parker's Pals
Dawn Seggelink The Lucky Liams Have fun :)
Mike Schmidt Jake's Mystery Team Love you Jake!
Oran Cookemboo Braeden's Bunch This donation goes to one of the sweetest little boys on earth. This money was donated by the many friends and family of the Cookemboo Family. We greatly appreciate every penny that was donated to this great cause.
Kolleen Burreson Sweet Adeline Sending love from Seattle for Adeline and her entire team walking for her!!
Alica Allen Ryan's Ranch
Christine Factor Andrew's Krewe Andrew, we love you so much!
Allyson Pacini The Lucky Liams Go Team Lucky Liam!
Marilee Annala SuperKai's SuperFriends Kai, Sorry I can't walk with you this year! Love, Grandma Annala
Kathi Greer The Lucky Liams
Patricia Avila Cartagena
sandhya anantuni The Lucky Liams
Shron Lacey The Lucky Liams
Desiree Smith Erics Energizers thank you to all who donated/ and or ordered a candle
Cheryl Anderson Team Jacob Cares
Allison Shepherd SuperKai's SuperFriends
Tiffany Martin Andrew's Krewe We love you Andrew!
Melinda Withrow Sweet Adeline Our sweet, sweet angel... I love you baby Addy!
Caryanne Holmes Andrew's Krewe Wish we could walk with you!
Martha Falzarano Team JAG We love the Gorney's!!! Go Team JAG
Betty Burtnett Andrew's Krewe Keep up the good work!
Jose Rangel SuperKai's SuperFriends Big Kai will fly high!!!
Sabrina Mathis Guynn Teaming up to get Down
Lauren Chandler Tony's Tigers
Dan & Leanne Trzinski Sweet Adeline
Randall Lange Team John-Paul
Daniela Brazovan Chloe & Josh We Love You So! ❤️
Amy Johnson Miracle Madden's Minnions
Anonymous 1-2-3 Arleen!
Andreea wahl Chloe & Josh your smile melts hearts
Trish Quintana John Robert's SuperHero's
Katharine Chambers Sam I Am Though she be but little, she is fierce
Andrea Cortez Sebastians Angels I love you Baby Cousin!!!
Jennifer Mitchell Sam I Am From Jen & Mitch. Love you Sam!
Lauren Maragliano Sam I Am Go team Samantha!
Anonymous Reece's Racers
Priscilla rea Team JAG
Cris rojas Sebastians Angels go Sebastian
Jean Murphy Reece's Racers Dream big!
Anissa Sexton Reece's Racers
DeEtte Snyder Reece's Racers
Flory Oaida Chloe & Josh
Collin Kennedy John Robert's SuperHero's
Corona and Magdalena Annala SuperKai's SuperFriends
Eric Leonard Eme's Army
Erica Smith Elijah Entourage We love you Eli!
Anonymous Mariah's Miracle More t-shirt sales! Woo hoo!
Anonymous John Robert's SuperHero's
Jesse & Mary Orozco Sebastians Angels Love you Sebastian!!
Emerson Jane John Robert's SuperHero's
Robin Powers Down With Zooey We love and miss you Zooey; you are so very precious.
Wells Fargo Foundation John Robert's SuperHero's
Kay and Mark Bradshaw Parker's Pals
Cristen Corupe Andrew's Krewe We love you Andrew!
Lesley Deason Elijah Entourage
Chuck Chartrand Connor and Cailin's Crew
Natalie Trujillo Elijah Entourage
Ken Holland Team Jacob Cares Fight on Jacob! :)
CustomInk LLC MyHERO Trey Lacey
Ryan Peterson The G-Team
CustomInk LLC Jazzy Jaylah
Susan Christeson Mikaylahs Croods Hope this will help so is so adorable
Agape Auto Alfred Maldonado Sebastians Angels Thinking of you Sebastian! :)
Citlali Zaragoza 1-2-3 Arleen! Go Arleen!!! We love you!!!
Margie Bringas Reece's Racers
Bonnie Spano Sam I Am Looking for a bright future for you, Samantha. Love Your Great Aunt Bonnie
Lisa & Shawn McKay The Lucky Liams
Rachael Hanania Team Bullmore
Lisa Ogden John Robert's SuperHero's We love you John Robert ❤
Roger Knueppel Sam I Am Go Team Sam I Am. You're our precious girl. Love Grandpa, Grandma & Alex
Steve, Maggie, Izzy, Lucy Stielow The G-Team Go G-Team! Wish I could be there to walk with you!
Cassie Sterling Ryan's Ranch
Ben Small Eddie & The Cruisers Eddie the strong walker! Onward and upward!
Kim Lindsey The Lucky Liams
Diana Perez 1-2-3 Arleen! Proud of you Arleen
Juana Gonzalez Nehemiah's Super Heroes
leticia wall Sebastians Angels
Dianne Foltz Ryan's Ranch
Christina Wylie Ryan's Ranch Ryan, YOU ROCK!!!
tracey foote John Robert's SuperHero's
Mary Celmer Ryan's Ranch
Julie Lynch The Lucky Liams Great charity! Thanks for taking time to raise money and awareness!!
Andrea Kowalski SDSA General Fund
Kristen Leetz Sweet Adeline
Anonymous Team Bullmore
Natalie Priest Sebastians Angels
Shauna Whitmar The Lucky Liams can't say no to a reasonable request. :)
Cheryl Flack Rockin Ryken Love you Ryken! (Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Eric and Garrett)
Briana Travis Boston's Buddies
Nicole Garcia Mariah's Miracle Because we love our baby girl.
Anonymous Mariah's Miracle Crossfit Gilbert benefit ( in addition to the above)
Lisa Chisum Mariah's Miracle
Gilbert Martinez Sebastians Angels Keep Smiling Sebastian!
Cailin Mills SDSA General Fund
veronica alvarado Sebastians Angels we love you sebastian!!!
Deanne Romo Mariah's Miracle Mariah's Benefit.
Tammy Orozco Sebastians Angels I love you Sebastian!!
Emma medina Mariah's Miracle
Tony Gorney Team JAG
Delaney shotts Mariah's Miracle
marilyn perez Mikaylahs Croods From grandma & granny
Anonymous Mariah's Miracle :-)
Teresa Adair Mariah's Miracle Cross Fit Fundraiser
Garrett Early Mariah's Miracle For men's medium t-shirt
Garrett Early Mariah's Miracle
Anonymous The Lucky Liams Proceeds from shirt sales + $35
Anita Sheehey Down With Zooey
Kimberley Mundil Boston's Buddies Love You Boston!
David Gochnour Rockin Ryken Love you little buddy!! Sorry I can't make it this year.
Matthew Baldys Down With Zooey Yay Zooey!
Jeff Waknitz Rockin Ryken
Caroline Poe Down With Zooey We love Zooey! Love, Aunt Caroline & Uncle Andrew
Gerald Dustin Wiley Team Liam
Lory Ruiz Nehemiah's Super Heroes What a cutie Nehemiah is! And a great cause!
Edward Hurdel Mikaylahs Croods
Leon Hay Down With Zooey What a beautiful family you have, Jeff!
James Carter Mikaylahs Croods
Lisa McClendon Down With Zooey Love you Miss Zooey!
Mary Macleish Down With Zooey
Tim and Sue Pleger Down With Zooey
Jeffrey Baldys Down With Zooey
Anonymous The G-Team
Marilyn Perez Mikaylahs Croods from both grandma and grannie we love you little princess
Douglas and Ellen Gunnell Parker's Pals
Delwyn and Dana Bradshaw Parker's Pals
Michael and Linda Bradshaw Parker's Pals
Rose Tagaloa Da Barners In honor of my niece Dynasty "Cookie" Barner
Josh and Jaime David Mariah's Miracle
Wells Fargo Bank John Robert's SuperHero's
Brett Wallerstedt Sweet Adeline
Brown Community Management Inc John Robert's SuperHero's
Shana O'Mara Mariah's Miracle
Meghan Wagley Team Liam
Kaylee Rodriguez Team Liam We love you Liam!
Kelly Jacobs Mariah's Miracle both John and I wish we could be there, but he is working and I am in San Diego for the weekend. thank you for raising awareness and money to help others. We love you guys! Kelly and John
Rosemary Cruise Boston's Buddies
Jack Wright Zoey's Crew
Lisa Henry Down With Zooey Go Zooey's Team!!
John Bergmann Special J Good luck!
Virnell Wright Clare's Comrades
Anonymous Action Jackson
Jonna Laslovich Sweet Adeline We love Adeline!!
Banning Fox Mariah's Miracle
andy long Mikaylahs Croods
Chrisman/Folz Family John Robert's SuperHero's Life is about dancing in the rain during a storm, Thx John Robert for showing my family how to dance!
Burton Cagen Mariah's Miracle Mariah Rocks! Keep on walkin!
Michael McTighe Rockin Ryken You are so amazing and we are so proud of you!
Vanessa Villalobos Rockin Ryken Go Team Rockin Ryken!!! ;)
Crystal Aguilera Mariah's Miracle Crystal and Marissa Aguilera
Nicole Roehl John Robert's SuperHero's God bless you sweet boy!
Michele Palmer Van's "Off the Wall" Crew Go Vanny!!!
Anonymous Ryan's Ranch
JUDY COLLOM Sweet Adeline in rememberence of PAPA B for our precious Adeline
SOLLiD Cabinetry Connor and Cailin's Crew
Heather Record Mariah's Miracle We Love You So Much!!!!! XOXOXO'S
Ninna Azcarate Sebastians Angels Love you Sebastian
Clifford Helm Connor and Cailin's Crew
Lisandra Gonzales Sebastians Angels I love you Sebastian!
Jeff Schakat Boston's Buddies
Jessica Beath Team Sydney Team Sydney
Amanda Bradley The Chino BOBs
Jess Chalker Team Todd
Ashley Vinchinski Boston's Buddies Miss your beautiful smile little buddy! Good luck!
Desi Raymond Eme's Army Lots of love!
Austin Ross Mariah's Miracle
Andrew Schlaiss John Robert's SuperHero's So proud of you John Robert
Lucas Thorson John Robert's SuperHero's John Robert has super powers!
Neda Nikravan John Robert's SuperHero's
Bill and Pam Owen Sweet Adeline Love Addie and Colman family!
MaLinda Wynn Connor and Cailin's Crew Can't wait to see you all again!
Jenna Layne Rockin Ryken We love you Ryken.
Raymond Adams Rockin Ryken go Ryken
William and Debora Murset Parker's Pals
Jennifer Cook Rockin Ryken Here's to another fun year! Ryken you Rock!!
Scott Vanderheiden John Robert's SuperHero's
Rodney Palmer Rockin Ryken Go Ryken. We love to share this day with you and your family
Anonymous Action Jackson
Misty MacLennan Action Jackson
Ken and Terri Rowley Team Eden We love you Eden!
Evelyn Garcia Mariah's Miracle Wish I could join you.
Bobbie Hulsey Boston's Buddies We Love You Boss!
Anonymous Laps 4 Lacey Mae swag donations
Interstate All Battery Center The Brayden Bunch
Kristen Herb The Brayden Bunch
Booster Campaigns The Brayden Bunch www.booster.com/thebraydenbunch2015walk
Kerri White Sweet Adeline
Ryan Davis SDSA General Fund
Anonymous Ryan's Ranch
Carin Gudeman The Brayden Bunch
James Stewart John Robert's SuperHero's
Miguel Albizures Sebastians Angels
Crystal Wright Clare's Comrades Burton & Crystal
Discovery School The Brayden Bunch
Kevin McCullough The G-Team GO G-TEAM!
Rae Spiers Boston's Buddies
Amy Kenney John Robert's SuperHero's Thank you for the opportunity to help make a difference!
Angela Foy Andrew & the Chipmunks Thanks for doing this Kelly
kelly hanson Andrew & the Chipmunks
Andrea Aberle The G-Team For Gavin! You are such a blessing to all who meet you!
Joel Umana John Robert's SuperHero's Proud support of the Marcell family :) Go John Robert!
John Gower Kolby's Keepers
Alex Harris Kolby's Keepers
john holdren John Robert's SuperHero's Always wanted to be on a SuperHero's team!! Have fun John Robert! Way to go Greg!
Anonymous Boston's Buddies Love ya, B!!!!
Jackie Johnson Sweet Adeline Love you Adeline!
Chaunie Horton Team ZaKai Go Kai....auntie loves you!
Anonymous The G-Team
Jody Coxon The Lucky Liams Love Lucky Liam
Amy Robinson Van's "Off the Wall" Crew
Laura armstrong Team JAG I love the Gorney's and Jamo is the sweetest little boy!
Jaime McTighe Rockin Ryken
Anonymous Andrew's Krewe
Linda Boye Team JAG
Nice Gorney Team JAG Go Jamo!
yunuen sartain Sebastians Angels
Anonymous Noah's Ark
Jim Dunlap Rockin Ryken 2/3 there!!!!! Come on peeps!
Gina Ecolino Team JAG
Cortney Boor Rockin Ryken We love you, Ryken! Rock on! Uncle Glenn, Aunt Cortney, Gavin, Collin, Nolan
Kim Puntillo Team JAG
Anonymous Sam I Am Please keep anonymous, send me info on golf tourney to email.
Anonymous Down Right Perfect Scarlett
Samantha Layman Rockin Ryken
Anonymous Sam I Am for my Grand Daughter Samantha!
Sesario Quintana Sebastians Angels We hope to meet you some day Sebastian.
Cynamin Thomas Nehemiah's Super Heroes
JOAN MOLLET Boston's Buddies
Mike Dellosa Sweet Adeline
Sharna Larson Reece's Racers
Anonymous Sebastians Angels
Bill Fletcher Ethan’s Easy Company
Eleanor Vinchinski Boston's Buddies Love you!!
Heather Foreman Reece's Racers
Providence Homes SDSA General Fund
Johnson Larsen Family Dentistry SDSA General Fund
Ak-Chin Indian Community SDSA General Fund
Steven Gunnell Parker's Pals
Sandra Macdonald Parker's Pals
Grant Gunnell Parker's Pals
Edgar Acosta 1-2-3 Arleen! I luv you naneen, big lega and little lega will always be there for you
Patty Buessing The Lucky Liams
Kelly Brucato Team JAG Good luck guys!
Vianey Marquez Sebastians Angels
Esmeralda Delgado Sebastians Angels WE LOVE YOU SEBASTIAN!!
Leslie Farrell Sweet Adeline Wish we could be there.
Michelle Coppock Carter's Cruisers
Shane Heck Action Jackson Go Jackson! We love you buddy!!
Discovery School The Brayden Bunch
Denise Barker Ethan’s Easy Company Good luck in the walk Cousin Ethan
Patrick McAvoy Rockin Ryken
C poole Levi's 3-21 Genes
Joe Gile The G-Team Go G-man!!!!
Jared Barnard Carter's Cruisers
Cullen Maxey Sweet Adeline
Larkin Eisler Sweet Adeline Thanks for letting us know how to support your cause!
Anonymous Sweet Adeline
Anonymous Sweet Adeline
Jim and Judi Gorney Team JAG Sending our best wishes! Love, Judi and Jim
Maxine Sherman Rockin Ryken
Anonymous Team Allen School
Cinthia Lopez Sebastians Angels
Angela Carmitchel Reece's Racers What a beautiful smile Reece has!!! Warm regards.
Barbara and Peter Wydra Rockin Ryken
Leah and Jackson Rockin Ryken
Danielle Barry Action Jackson
Galen Kline Carter's Cruisers
Amanda Bradshaw Parker's Pals
Danielle Williams The Brayden Bunch
Helen Macfarlane The G-Team
Anilu Luna The Brayden Bunch
Norma Enricco The Brayden Bunch
Nicole Garcia Mariah's Miracle Riah, we love you so much, and are so incredibly proud of you! To the wonderful folks at Sharing... thank you. Truly.
Regina Moultrie The Brayden Bunch
alba cordova The Brayden Bunch
Jessica Hancock Eme's Army We love you, Eme and family!! <3
Carol Gilliam Eme's Army Love you, Eme!
Liz & Matt Vaughan John Robert's SuperHero's
Angie Fishman The Brayden Bunch
Loveta McIntire Laps 4 Lacey Mae
Lisa Hill The G-Team Go G-Team! Wish we could be there.
michelle sanchez Boston's Buddies
Aaron Tsika The Brayden Bunch
Ben & Ruth Golas John Robert's SuperHero's Have FUN John Robert !!
Dianne Leal Team Jacob Cares
Anonymous The Brayden Bunch
Debra & Gary Valeriani Eme's Army
April Cruise Boston's Buddies We love you B-Man
Rachel Broach The Brayden Bunch We love you Brayden
Anonymous Cartagena
lisa polk Zeta Amicae Of Surprise Arizona
Lucy Alvarado Sebastians Angels Love you Sebastian!
John Tauer The G-Team
Brad and Rita Gabel Sweet Adeline
Brian Hebert John Robert's SuperHero's
Lynda Sholly Matthew Mania We love you Matthew!!!! Uncle Bryan and Meetza Lynn
Peterson Kami Miracle Madden's Minnions
Janice Siren SDSA General Fund
Tom Tipton, DMD MDS SDSA General Fund
Angella Farnsworth Boston's Buddies Mommy, Daddy and Wrigley love you so much!
Sharon Robbins Eddie & The Cruisers
Diane Stouffer SDSA General Fund
Larry Allen Andrew & the Chipmunks
Alberto Marquez Sebastians Angels
Janice and Jack Ler Sweet Adeline We love you sweet Afeline
Jaime Ney Team Todd
Patrick Kohn Team Jacob Cares
Maury & Janene Robinson Miracle Madden's Minnions
Vickie Williams Team Bullmore
Christine Holmes John Robert's SuperHero's
Mike Ney Team Todd For my Awesome Brother!!
Brianna Duarte Boston's Buddies
Christa Caamano Teaming up to get Down
Hillary Wylie The Lucky Liams Love you. Wish we could be there.
Anonymous The Incredible Isaiah's Entourage
Dawn Matson Boston's Buddies
Stage Stop Mini Mart Olsen Team Liam
Torrey Hambrick Boston's Buddies
Cindy Herrera Team Jacob Cares
Kristina Lowe Team John-Paul We love you, John-Paul! Have a wonderful walk, with your amazing family!
Emily Kelller Memories of Makenzie What a great way to honor Makenzie!
Jennifer Cruise Boston's Buddies We can't wait to walk with you Boston! Love you! Love Jen, Zac and Colton :)
Anonymous John Robert's SuperHero's
Lauren Bolar Sweet Adeline Love you Addie
Amber Smith Boston's Buddies Go Boston!
Angel Bokelman Boston's Buddies Love you Boston!
Ron Huemoeller John Robert's SuperHero's Good John Robert! We're proud of you!!
Sharon and Mike Smith John Robert's SuperHero's We are so proud of you John Robert! Love Aunt Sharon and Uncle Mike
Nick Pietsch John Robert's SuperHero's
Beverly Maiorana Matthew Mania You Go Matthew!!!
Kevin Bliss Team Brian
Anonymous Team Jacob Cares
Terri Genandt Team Jacob Cares
Roma and George Michel Rockin Ryken
John Escobar SDSA General Fund
Doris Redmond SDSA General Fund In Loving Memory of Jadyon Rose Ashenbaum
Roberta Diaz Parker's Pals
Joey Gunn Team Jacob Cares
Susan Gunnell Parker's Pals
reyes orozco Sebastians Angels
Carolyn Burt Team Jacob Cares
Lori Bruss Boston's Buddies Love you Boston, we can't wait to see you again. :)
Craig Martinsen 1-2-3 Arleen! Let's do it Arleen!
Michael Stanton The G-Team
Darwin Gunnell Parker's Pals
Rochelle Waterman Team Jacob Cares SURPRISE!!!!
Cheryl Ramos Team Jacob Cares
Anonymous Team Jacob Cares
Allison Leary Boston's Buddies
Whitney Sholly Matthew Mania Love you Matthew! Wish Jack and I could come walk with your team!
Valerie Hampton Team Allen School
Anonymous Rockin Ryken GO Ryken
Neil Gillespie Katie's Krew Go walkers! Love you Katie
Brett and Brynn Gudeman The Brayden Bunch We love you Brayden!!!! 💙💙💙
Alisa Sloan Sweet Adeline
Andrea Molina Jazzy Jaylah You have blessed our lives with so much love, baby girl!!
Donna Radke The G-Team Sorry I can't make the walk - Good Luck for lots of donations
Heather Burke Sweet Adeline
Jennifer Johnson Braeden's Bunch We are here for you Braeden and the Cookemboo family.
Brittany Knavel Parker's Babies We've never met you Parker but we love you already!
Natalie Lee The Brayden Bunch
Guy Robinson Miracle Madden's Minnions
Laura McCall Eddie & The Cruisers Rooting for Eddie and the entire Petraglia family!
Anonymous Parker's Babies I will see you guys on the 19th! Go Parker!!!!!!
Joanne lantz Eddie & The Cruisers Go Eddie!
Matt Bowen John Robert's SuperHero's
kamala stokes Parker's Babies Love you Parker
Joan Beaudoin Eddie & The Cruisers Go Eddie!!!!!
Jason Teich Team Allen School Go Team Allen School!
Marvin and Karen Gudeman The Brayden Bunch Looking forward to the walk! Love, Grandpa and Grandma Gudeman
Pat & Chris Funke Matthew Mania We'll be walking with you in spirit!! Love to you, and all on your team, Matthew!
JimNita Camaganacan Parker's Babies
Dione Sage Parker's Babies We love you Parker Baby
Anonymous Levi's 3-21 Genes
Alex Bevil Matthew Mania Love you kiddo!!!!!
Olga Lange Team John-Paul Proud supporter of John-Paul
Carol Parsons Levi's 3-21 Genes
Josh Rawitch Sweet Adeline You've got all our support!!
Anonymous Teaming up to get Down
Alison Gabel Sweet Adeline Go team Sweet Adeline!
Bruce &Theresa Eggers The Brayden Bunch Love to the Brayden Bunch:)
Katie Krietemeyer John Robert's SuperHero's Good Luck John Robert's SuperHero's
Sandra Cowan Mikaylahs Croods
Rebecca Gibbons Matthew Mania We love you Matthew!!
Jill Rable Sweet Adeline
Judy Johns David's Dynamic Dudes We love you, Dudes!
Thomas Bromley The Lucky Liams We support and love Liam.
Anonymous Mischief and Mayhem
Rob McGee Sweet Adeline S, B, J and A you are an inspiration to my family!
Janet Myers The Lucky Liams Love you guys! XO
Dolores Luna Team Bullmore
Molly Owen Sweet Adeline Wishing I could be there to walk. Lots of Love!
Taryn Harrison Sweet Adeline Adeline is beautiful and I can't wait to meet her!
Debra Nobe Devyn's D-Unit
Natalie Maxwell Levi's 3-21 Genes
Elan Shore Sweet Adeline From the Shore family...we love you all!
Lynn Sparks Team Todd
Bryan & Jen Flynn The Lucky Liams
Teresa Yager The Lucky Liams Yay! Goal met! Love you Liam and family! Love Teresa and Danielle!
Sandi & Bob Owen Sweet Adeline To our sweet Adeline lots of love
lupe Pruett Laps 4 Lacey Mae laps for Lacey Mae
Taketo Miura John Robert's SuperHero's
Martha Santiago The Chino BOBs
Tiphaine Brewer Eme's Army
April & Dan Garfinkel Andrew's Krewe : )
Anne Lim John Robert's SuperHero's Thanks for letting us be a part of this wonderful event!!
Claire Fow John Robert's SuperHero's You are the Sunshine in Grandma & Pa Pa's life! Were so proud of you!
Tara Trzinski Sweet Adeline I'll be out of town but I'll do a lap around Lambeau Field in honor of Adeline :)
Joni Vanderveen The G-Team
Teresa Adair David's Dynamic Dudes
Michelle Irvin John Robert's SuperHero's Company will double my contribution and donate an additional $100.00
Joshua Mankowski The Brayden Bunch The Progressive Insurance Foundation - Matching Gift
Branden Zavala SDSA General Fund
Lily & Ruby Emory Sweet Adeline Team Emory looks forward to walking!!!
Alyssa Robinson SDSA General Fund
Patrick Owen Sweet Adeline Wish I could walk. Love my precious little niece!
Megan owen Sweet Adeline wish we could be there to walk with you-- love Meg and Tor
James Footit Eddie & The Cruisers Go For it Eddie!!!
Judy Collom Sweet Adeline For a special family and beautiful Adeline
Anonymous Sweet Adeline
Melissa Schmalbach Sweet Adeline Wish we could be in Phx to walk with you!
Mitzi Downey Sweet Adeline Go Colman Family!!! <3
Holly Potter Levi's 3-21 Genes
Elizabeth Garman Sweet Adeline
Tom Meeks Sweet Adeline Can't wait to see sweet Adeline again! It's been too long!
Dustin Kadri Sweet Adeline
Pat and Em Severtson-Withrow Sweet Adeline Wish we could be there for the Walk! Love to Adeline!
Kristin Faiva Connor and Cailin's Crew
ANNA VANCE SuperKai's SuperFriends
Annie Hoopes Connor and Cailin's Crew Love you guys!!!
Tran Family Antz Go Marching
Kaija Claridge Connor and Cailin's Crew Love Connor and Cailin's Crew
mary nicholson Boston's Buddies I LOVE MY BOSTON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Helen Hartsfield Levi's 3-21 Genes From Helen and Chad Hartsfield 😊
Renea Harris John Robert's SuperHero's John Robert you are a Super Hero
Kacee Albano John Robert's SuperHero's
Ray Cordova Team Sydney
Melissa Howell Team John-Paul
Luzinda Chavez Team John-Paul
Sierra Schultz Down Right Perfect Scarlett I love you guys ❤️
Dario Ramos Down Right Perfect Scarlett
Whitney Jimenez Down Right Perfect Scarlett You're in my prayers. She is so beautiful.
Ruth Cleaver Eddie & The Cruisers Love you Eddie xx
Carlos Ramos Down Right Perfect Scarlett
Michael Hartsfield Levi's 3-21 Genes
Tyler Ritchey Andrew's Krewe
Diana Wildman Rockin Ryken Way to go Ryken!
Brent Choquette John Robert's SuperHero's Excited to be a part of John Robert's team!
Robin Byrne Laps 4 Lacey Mae
Adrienne Harris John Robert's SuperHero's Go Team John Robert! Super proud of my little cousin!
Karen Slavens Parker's Pals Twenty Five dollar s
Pamela Phelps The G-Team
Alicia & Stephan Cost John Robert's SuperHero's Wish we could be with you like we were at your first! Go Team John Robert SuperHeros!
Ryan Schultze John Robert's SuperHero's
Anonymous Laps 4 Lacey Mae
Shelby Standifird Laps 4 Lacey Mae We love you Lacey!!
Arleen Armstrong Tony's Tigers In memory of Chiyoko - Anthony "walked" her world.
susan truitt Erics Energizers Let's Rock It!!
Cesar Gonzalez Eddie & The Cruisers
Dan and Sue Baca Team Bullmore Go Brendan!
Anonymous Team Sydney
Victoria Smith Boston's Buddies
Chrissy Glunt Eddie & The Cruisers Yay Team Eddie!
Tom B The G-Team
Ivy Stephens Eddie & The Cruisers God Bless you!
Janis Stott Eddie & The Cruisers Go Eddie!!!!
Anonymous Boston's Buddies
Victor Rivera Boston's Buddies
Anonymous Team Bullmore
Marcus Gudeman The Brayden Bunch
JOANN KRETKOWSKI RYAN Eddie & The Cruisers CUZ POWER... Go Eddie! Love JoAnn, Chels and Dayna
Trisha Weston Eddie & The Cruisers From Emilie, Haley and Makenzie for Eddie
Jody Gallagher Levi's 3-21 Genes
Carly Fischer #teamalyssa
McKenzie Thomas Parker's Babies Love you, beautiful baby cousin.
Selma Weinberg Eddie & The Cruisers My best wishes for success!
Jennifer Bloomer Eddie & The Cruisers Wish I could be there to walk with you!
Anonymous The Brayden Bunch
Ashley Parker Eddie & The Cruisers All our love & support!!!
Brittany Brown Eddie & The Cruisers Go Eddie Go!!! ❤️❤️ You!
Judy Gabai Eddie & The Cruisers Go Eddie!
Jose & Mary Montes Team Bullmore
Daniella Day Team Bullmore
Stephanie Mendoza Eddie & The Cruisers YOU ROCK EDDIE!
Anonymous Antz Go Marching
Anonymous Boston's Buddies
Kathryn Marcell John Robert's SuperHero's John Robert, you will always be my Super Hero! Zilla loves you so much! Have a great time a the walk! I will be cheering for you!
Elizabeth Ishimitsu Da Barners Blessings from Uncle Alvin and Auntie Liz (Oahu HI)
MARY DAVIS Eddie & The Cruisers GO EDDIE!
Megan Pfaff Boston's Buddies We love you Boston and can't wait to walk again with you this year! Love, Megan, Taryn & Bubby XOXO
Dorothy and Mick Natzel The Brayden Bunch Love you Brayden 💕
Idan & Or Gabai Eddie & The Cruisers
Katie Leavy The Lucky Liams Connor, Jacob, & Chase contributed for their sweet friend!
Mike and Karen Smith Katie's Krew
Lisa Lacy The G-Team We love you!
KC Jackson Eddie & The Cruisers Go Eddie!
Stephen & Margaret Levine Team Bullmore
Caryn Oconnor Eddie & The Cruisers
Matthew Cosson The G-Team
Rebecca Colman Sweet Adeline
Pete Owens Team Bullmore
Robert and Loretta Finger Rockin Ryken
Lawrence and Doreen Boor Rockin Ryken
Don and Shirley Pundsack Rockin Ryken
Sister Nancy Jane Kuntz Rockin Ryken
Julie Davis Eddie & The Cruisers Good Luck Eddie!
Michael Thomas Eddie & The Cruisers Team Eddie!
Karen Price The G-Team
Elaine Bedonie #teamalyssa 😁💖
Wesley Behling The G-Team
Tina Marie Lenio Katie's Krew We love you Katie! Marc and Tina
Jeff Jeppesen The G-Team
Margaret Gillespie Katie's Krew
Margaret Gillespie Katie's Krew Go Katie's Krew - we love you!
Sam Crisante Team JAG Good Luck!!
Yesenia Hernandez Down Right Perfect Scarlett Beautiful little girl deserves it all. <3
joan bullmore Team Bullmore
Jamie Jones Devyn's D-Unit
Anonymous Parker's Babies
Nichole Reimer Carter's Cruisers
Velma Bird The Brayden Bunch Love you Brayden, and all the Gudemans! Family is great!!
Valerie Wesolowski Team Bullmore
Alice Spies Team JAG
rachel hayes 1-2-3 Arleen! Way to go Arleen!
Mary Maule Team Bullmore
Kathy Curley Rockin Ryken
Rachelle Tognacci Team Bullmore Team Bullmore rocks!!
Emily Rowley Team Eden
Anonymous Lincoln's Heroes Lincoln rocks!!!
maryann blumetti Rockin Ryken
Katrina Cunningham Nguyen Team Lily Bean Go Team Lily Bean! Much love to you!
Nicole Slusz The G-Team Gavin, you are our hero. We love you to infinity & beyond.
Kevin Bowers Team Lily Bean Go team Lily Bean!
Chandler Cardiology Associates Dr. Shakoor SDSA General Fund Sponsor
Pauli and Brad Perkinson SDSA General Fund Sponsor
Beth Lee Team Lily Bean
Chauntia Ervin Team ZaKai We love you Kai Daddy!!!
Autumn Olney The Brayden Bunch Love you guys!
Ann Curry Mikaylahs Croods Good Luck with your goal!
Mikaylah Long Mikaylahs Croods Start with Love
Anonymous Braeden's Bunch GOOD LUCK BRAEDEN
Anonymous Parker's Babies So blessed to know Parker!
Valerie Parker Team ZaKai For ZaKai. Love you from Aunty
Carolyn Washington Team ZaKai ZaKai we love you so much, Your extra chromosome makes you extra cute
Brooke Couturier Parker's Babies Go Parker!
DeAnne Holden Parker's Babies
Virginia Johnson David's Dynamic Dudes Love you David.
Dean Slavens Parker's Babies
The Motts The G-Team we will be out of town so I can't walk, maybe next year
Pastor Juan Talavera Cartagena We really love you
Diane Hastings SDSA General Fund
Lynn Sparks Team Todd
Donna Bates Rockin Ryken
tiffanee tomlinson Parker's Babies We love you Parker! love Daddy and Mama!
Maria Rodriguez Team Anissa God Bless you and yours Anissa....May the good Lord above always hold you in his arms.
Shay Kenjora The Lucky Liams
Anonymous Parker's Babies
Anonymous Parker's Babies Love that Parker Baby
Pat Krepela Eddie & The Cruisers Rootin' for you Eddie <3
DRHS Eco Club The Lucky Liams
Beth Lewsen-Green Eddie & The Cruisers You ROCK Eddie!
Shannon Stenger Laps 4 Lacey Mae
Anonymous John Robert's SuperHero's You are so Amazing John Robert ! We Love You !
Anonymous Parker's Babies
Andrea Taylor The Lucky Liams
Joshua Mankowski The Brayden Bunch Keep being awesome
Anonymous David's Dynamic Dudes Test Donation
Anonymous David's Dynamic Dudes
Michelle Letterly Memories of Makenzie Love my girl
Alex Howard #teamalyssa
Manuel Contreras #teamalyssa
Angel Sandoval 1-2-3 Arleen! Abuelo loves you Naneen
Maris Sandoval 1-2-3 Arleen! Abuela loves you naneen
Vivian K. Giles #teamalyssa
Dolores Olivarez #teamalyssa
cathy roth The Brayden Bunch
Kim Hawthorne #teamalyssa
Jessica Montes #teamalyssa
Anonymous Parker's Babies GO PARKER BABY! Love Ally and Noah
Anonymous Parker's Babies
Kelli Engler Rockin Ryken GO RYKEN!
Constance Dunlap Rockin Ryken Good luck Ryken!!!
Pam Pike Rockin Ryken
Jeff Natzel The Brayden Bunch
Briana Magoulas #teamalyssa
Linddie Hunter #teamalyssa
Raul s #teamalyssa
Linette Lomatewama #teamalyssa We love u sweetie to eternity!!
Adam Murdock #teamalyssa
Penn Washington #teamalyssa
Nicole Orrantia #teamalyssa
Ann Nowak The Lucky Liams We love team lucky liams
Kayla DeGrand #teamalyssa
Shawn and Lynn Bedonie #teamalyssa We Love You Precious Alyssa!!
Stephanie Arreguin #teamalyssa
jacqueline badoni #teamalyssa Mommy loves you!!
Nicole wylie The Lucky Liams love you cousins
Christina Wylie The Lucky Liams
Angela Martinez #teamalyssa Sending with Love and Support
Stephanie Spade The Lucky Liams
JOHNNAH MYERS The Lucky Liams I will walk with you from Kansas!
Christopher Eichinger The Lucky Liams
Paul Verna The Lucky Liams Kick a$$ Liam
Stacie Wylie The Lucky Liams
DosCowgirls Horse Tack & Western Store LLC Laps 4 Lacey Mae
Ray Bennett II SDSA General Fund
Gretchen Jewell Braeden's Bunch
Coleen Demko Team Brian We love you sweet boy! You make us proud everyday!
Janie Stegall SDSA General Fund
Mara Palcisco SDSA General Fund In honor of the marriage of Bill Papazian and Vartinae Alexan
Anonymous SDSA General Fund In honor of the marriage of Bill Papazian and Vartinae Alexan
Kathy Dumaplin SDSA General Fund
Tamara Jones Hailey's Halo Supporting all our Special Kids!
shih-cheng huang SDSA General Fund
J. Michael & Linda JONES SDSA General Fund 2014 AZ Tax Credit for Qualified Charitable Organization
Jacqueline Paddock SDSA General Fund Team Chloe Ceh "Chloe's Club
Anonymous SDSA General Fund For Eli and all others like him
Danielle Cobb SDSA General Fund Please apply this for the tax credit...thx
Anonymous SDSA General Fund In honor of Uncle Bill! - Leah Grogan Sakas and family
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Suzanne Spellicy SDSA General Fund
David Spellicy SDSA General Fund
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Scott and Alicia Larsen SDSA General Fund 2014 Working Poor Charitable Org. Tax Credit
Wendy Kauffman SDSA General Fund
Raul Sanchez SDSA General Fund