Dearest Beloved Friends, 

I wanted to show off our newest angel baby. Her name is Ivy and she was born this past Saturday, April 25, 2020. She is so loved by her very proud parents, Emily and Jake.

Baby Ivy
Born April 2020
New dad – Jake with Ivy

New Proud Parent, Emily, with daughter, Ivy

When I first started Sharing, way back in 1991, I used to write a hard copy newsletter and I never missed a month for 18 years. I always had one portion called, ‘From My Heart to Yours, Love, David’s Mom.’ We started with 5 families but today we have grown to over 7,000 and I have had the blessing of meeting just about each one of them. 😊

Over time, people who worked for me doing media told me in today’s world, people no longer are interested in reading a newsletter – so I stopped. But this Covid 19 has done something to me. It now prevents me from getting to go personally and visit new moms and dads, or visit parents of older children. But if anything, it has made me feel such a powerful gratitude for the people whose lives have touched mine.

So, if you are reading this, I am guessing you are a cheesy mom like me or a grandma who likes to brag to the world about all that our children who have Down syndrome have taught us.

Someone asked me how I get referrals and I have to laugh and tell them that I often know a baby has Down syndrome before the grandparents even know. xoxo

This call came in through a dear friend of their family who just happens to also have a beautiful little girl with Down syndrome named, Maizy.  He was so excited to tell me about the birth of his friend’s baby.  He said he cried happy tears when he heard the news because he thought about how his daughter and Ivy can grow up together as good friends. 

After I contacted the parents, I texted to let him to tell him I was so impressed with them.  He wrote me back the sweetest things that says it all. He said, “They are an awesome family. The one thing they needed to be an incredible family was Ivy.” (See why these kinds of conversations make me cry?)

Trevon and Hillary Rogers Family
(Maizy’s parents)

The very first baby I visited was named, Stephanie. I felt an instant connection with her mom, Pearl.  This is what Stephanie looked like when I met her.

Baby Stephanie

Pictured below is what she (Stephanie) looks like today.

She is being shy in this picture. It melted my heart that Pearl and her mom came to the Retirement party for my dear husband Curt when he retired after 45 years of practicing dentistry.

On Angel’s Wings…

I would feel so ungrateful if I didn’t add our ‘On Angel’s Wings’ portion. I thank God for each baby who is born, not matter how long we are allowed to keep them.

The first one is a dear young woman who was 29-years-old. Her name is Zoraya but her family affectionately called her, “Ya Ya.” 

Zoraya Natali Manzo April 23, 1991 – January 14, 2020   

I have known her since my nonprofit began. I miss you Yaya.

The other is a little boy I met when his mom was first expecting him. I am a little biased, but aren’t these children beautiful?!

We lost angel baby Easton Barnaby, but what gives me hope is seeing how parents who love their children are changed forever.  

Baby Easton with his beautiful mom
January 1, 2016- February 8, 2020

I always offer to speak at the funerals and even though they don’t know it, each mom in their own words tells me the same thing. And that is, “Even if I could have known how our story would end, I would do it all over again to have him/her for one more day or week or year.”

There are tears when we say goodbye as our hearts feel broken but the words of Russel M. Nelson lift my heart…

“The only way to take sorrow out of death, is to take love out of life.”

God bless you dear parents. We will get through this crazy Covid 19 pandemic – and when it’s over – we will party like never before!

I am so looking forward to September 26, 2020 so we can have our 21stannual Sharing Down Syndrome Walk. Come and walk with us to honor whoever you love who has Down syndrome.


David’s Mom