Walk for Down Syndrome Fundraising
Walk for Down Syndrome (Formerly Buddy Walk)
Raised so Far
Name Team Note
Vickie Palafox Team Bella Boo
Sharon Towle Alley's Allies Yeah for Alley!!!!!
Erica A H Team Bella Boo
Sharon Nelson Abby's Tigers
Margarita Leyvas SuperKai's SuperFriends love you mijo! tia Margie
Allison Dawkins Eli's Entourage
patricia gurrieri The Zane Train I love you, Zane Marley xo
Suzanne Cullen Braeden's Bunch Supporting a great team/family! Go get 'em!!!
Brittany Towle Alley's Allies Love you Alley!
Jennifer Rose Eli's Entourage
Sharon Slattery Alley's Allies
Nicole Slusz The G-Team We love you, Gavin, and will always support you in anyway possible!
Kathy Wood Eli's Entourage
Tom & Gail Towle Alley's Allies We are cheering for you walkers!
Alicia Ridenour Eli's Entourage
James Chisum Truck'n For Trey Truck'n For Trey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
martha kuhn Eli's Entourage Eli is the best!
Karen Hunsaker Alley's Allies Good luck to everyone on your fundraiser!
Jake Annala SuperKai's SuperFriends
Tavia Tan SuperKai's SuperFriends
Megan Pfaff Boston's Buddies Love you Boston! You are an awesome kid!!
brittany clark Boston's Buddies
Kathy Belfiore Alley's Allies
Marianne Devenny Eli's Entourage
Denise Reicher Alley's Allies
kayleigh LARKINS Cameron's Crew Go Cameron!
Chris & Pat Funke Matthew Mania Yeah, Matthew & Team Matthew! We'll be wearing our shirts and walking in Indiana on the 20th!
Mary Lou Kalmus Alley's Allies Enjoy the walk for a great cause!
Karen and Ron Ziemba Alley's Allies We are with you in spirit! Go Team Alley!
Ashley Poquette Cameron's Crew Go Cammy!
Kim Saks Maeson's Minions Love, Kim, Aaron, & Ana
Eric & Amanda Fitzgerald Cameron's Crew Go Cameron's Crew!
Kim Rohr Cameron's Crew To get the party started! You are very loved Cameron:)
Mary & Terry Dluzen Alley's Allies Love you Alley
Shannon Needham Erics Energizers <3
Renee Keaty The G-Team
Jen Fournier SDSA General Fund
Barry Dluzen Alley's Allies I'll try to keep up with Alley this year :)
Sarah House Eli's Entourage
Debbie Kuhn Klein Eli's Entourage
Ak-Chin Indian Community SDSA General Fund
Kerr Endodontics SDSA General Fund
Meredith Kuhn Eli's Entourage
Hannah B Foundation SDSA General Fund
Anonymous Mikaylahs Dream Team She is so precious! Best wishes to your family.
Richard Wiederhold Caden's Crew
Carrie Hupp #sloanelove
Shauna Newman Caden's Crew
Margaret Levine Team Bullmore
Pete Owens Team Bullmore
Sue Cullen Braeden's Bunch Keep being so awesome Braeden!!! Thanks for making my heart smile!!!
anthony hume Braeden's Bunch
Patti Williams Team Bullmore
Karen Esparza Caden's Crew
Mary Montes Team Bullmore
Vickie Williams Team Bullmore
Gilbert T. Garcia Jarett's team Go Jarett go get them kid!
Kathy Wentz Boston's Buddies Wish we could be there to share in the event. Love you guys!!!
linda smith Team Bullmore
Denise Wheeler Boston's Buddies With love the 4 Wheeler's
Sally McDonald The Brayden Bunch
Julie Bolin Mikaylahs Dream Team
Chris Kerr Abby's Tigers
Ruby Banks Abby's Tigers I love Abby!
Judeth Badgley Jarett's team Go get 'em Jarret
Patsy Reynolds Caden's Crew Blessings!
Lynda Sholly Matthew Mania We are proud of you Matthew
Tami Turner Truck'n For Trey
Michelle Gonzalez Boston's Buddies We love you Boston! From the Gonzo family
Nana & Grandpa Nicholson Boston's Buddies Nana & Grandpa love you so much, Boston
Thomas Thompson Matthew Mania
Sandra Cowan Mikaylahs Dream Team
April Monroe Caden's Crew Go Caden!
Shayna Sanchez Boston's Buddies
April Cruise Boston's Buddies I love you Boston
August Spring roll sale Eli's Allies
Sheryl Claypool Caden's Crew
Diane Hastings SDSA General Fund
Bonnie & Ed Marshall The G-Team Hugs and Kisses to Gavin & the G-Team
Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc Truck'n For Trey
Anonymous Team Bella Boo
John and Elaine Bergquist The G-Team
Kara Cook Clare's Comrades From friends that get it.
Michelle Nevzoroff Landon's Lion's I love you guys!!
Erika Kaminski The Brayden Bunch
Cathy Roth The Brayden Bunch
Robert Martinez Team Bella Boo
Jeff Jeppesen The G-Team
marilyn perez Mikaylahs Dream Team
Debra Valeriani Eme's Army
Randy & Darlene Tyler Landon's Lion's
Anonymous Mikaylahs Dream Team For A Beautiful Princess
Bridgette Ramirez Landon's Lion's Love you bubba!!
Lisa Lacy The G-Team Go G-team!!
Christi Melendez Mateo & Co.
Anonymous Eme's Army
Tami Reible Landon's Lion's We Love You Sweet Landon!
Sommer Newman Landon's Lion's
Karen Neese The Brayden Bunch Lots of love Brayden
Matt Cosson The G-Team
Barbara Carroll Landon's Lion's
Sandy Mankin Landon's Lion's Love & support our sweet angel Landon!
Angella Farnsworth Boston's Buddies
Patt & Gene Holmquist Team ZAP
Angela Rehbein The G-Team Supporting one of the best causes ever!
Irene Sedillo Boston's Buddies
Great Uncle Buddy Mitchell jr Action Jackson
Aleta Haase Action Jackson
Randy & Teresa Wischmeyer Action Jackson We love you! Hope you meet your goal!
Anonymous Eli's Allies July spring roll sale
Misty MacLennan Action Jackson
alyssa hansen Action Jackson Dear Jackson alyssa loves you and i hope you meet your goal <3 alyssa
David Kenney Truck'n For Trey
Stephanie Woodbury The Brayden Bunch We love you Brayden!
Mildred Kremsreiter Action Jackson Great Grandma Kremsreiter is rooting for you! With all my love!
Amanda Jenkins The Brayden Bunch
Brenda Bartels The Brayden Bunch
Brynn Gudeman The Brayden Bunch We love you Brayden!!!
Lisa Lee The Brayden Bunch
Casey Smith The Brayden Bunch
Amber MacLennan Action Jackson We love you Jackson!
Annette and Chuck Bommeresbach Action Jackson We love you Baby J!
Lisa Wischmeyer Action Jackson Go Jackson Go! We Love You, Jackson!!!!!
Gina DeLaura Action Jackson Go team Jackson!
Holly Davis Action Jackson We love you, Jackson! Always here to support you!
Chelsea Davis Action Jackson
diane lickfeldt The Bux
Interstate All Battery Center The Brayden Bunch
Kari McDonald Heyink The Brayden Bunch We will be walking in spirit from Charlotte, NC!
stella bruce The Brayden Bunch
Valarie Musser The Brayden Bunch Love & Support from the Mussers!
Uncle Bruce & Aunt Theresa Eggers The Brayden Bunch We Love the Brayden Bunch!!
Natalie Lee The Brayden Bunch
Zoe Richmond Team Brookie
Jeremy Sheets The Brayden Bunch
Katherine Vanderwal The Brayden Bunch
Joshua Mankowski The Brayden Bunch You inspire everything I do
Ruth Edeto-Malone You're Pretty
Sue Zimmer The Brayden Bunch
Doug Shaffer The Brayden Bunch Keep up the GREAT work Team Brayden!
Anonymous The Brayden Bunch
Anonymous Emmas Entourage
Louis Biasiotta Emmas Entourage
Anonymous SDSA General Fund thx Gina!
Coleen Demko Brian's Gang We love you always and forever sweet boy!
Eric Askren The Brayden Bunch
Emily Warring The Brayden Bunch We love you Brayden! ~~Love Bryan & Emily
Angie Fishman The Brayden Bunch
erika blankenship The Brayden Bunch
Sheila Morgan The Brayden Bunch The Morgan5 send their love and support to the Brayden Bunch
Lisa Anaguano The Brayden Bunch
Linda White The Brayden Bunch
Susan Celaya The Bux
Geri Turley Kyles Krew We love that man too, and the rest of you!
Christie Kendzior SDSA General Fund Ayla
Scott Richey The Bux
kristan smith The Bux
Suzy Wiviott Kyles Krew
Chris Hulings Kyles Krew
Jodi Henline Kyles Krew
Ronna Saunders Kyles Krew
Carin & Vic Gudeman The Brayden Bunch
Anonymous Zoey's Crew
Denise Carpenter Zoey's Crew
Tia Hockenberry Zoey's Crew
Stacie Collette Zoey's Crew
Jane Riddle SDSA General Fund In memory of CJ Udall
Anonymous SDSA General Fund General Funds
February spring rolls Sale Eli's Allies
Peppermint Scrub Fundraiser Eli's Allies
Victoria & Roy Grando SDSA General Fund In loving memory & honor of my uncle, William Perry
Diane Hanson SDSA General Fund
Danny Reed SDSA General Fund
Raul Sanchez SDSA General Fund
Janis Parks SDSA General Fund In honor of our Jacob Salstrom
Anonymous SDSA General Fund In memory of Juanita Louise Jophnston Cantrill
Kim Morton SDSA General Fund
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Jason Washo SDSA General Fund