Walk for Down Syndrome Fundraising
Walk for Down Syndrome (Formerly Buddy Walk)
Raised so Far
Name Team Note
Pam Pike Rockin Ryken
Jeff Natzel The Brayden Bunch
Raul s #teamalyssa
Adam Murdock #teamalyssa
Penn Washington #teamalyssa
Nicole Orrantia #teamalyssa
Ann Nowak The Lucky Liams We love team lucky liams
Kayla DeGrand #teamalyssa
jacqueline badoni #teamalyssa Mommy loves you!!
Nicole wylie The Lucky Liams love you cousins
Christina Wylie The Lucky Liams
Angela Martinez #teamalyssa Sending with Love and Support
JOHNNAH MYERS The Lucky Liams I will walk with you from Kansas!
Christopher Eichinger The Lucky Liams
Stacie Wylie The Lucky Liams
DosCowgirls Horse Tack & Western Store LLC Laps 4 Lacey Mae
Ray Bennett II SDSA General Fund
Gretchen Jewell Braeden's Bunch
Coleen Demko Team Brian We love you sweet boy! You make us proud everyday!
Mara Palcisco SDSA General Fund In honor of the marriage of Bill Papazian and Vartinae Alexan
Anonymous SDSA General Fund In honor of the marriage of Bill Papazian and Vartinae Alexan
shih-cheng huang SDSA General Fund
J. Michael & Linda JONES SDSA General Fund 2014 AZ Tax Credit for Qualified Charitable Organization
Jacqueline Paddock SDSA General Fund Team Chloe Ceh "Chloe's Club
Anonymous SDSA General Fund For Eli and all others like him
Danielle Cobb SDSA General Fund Please apply this for the tax credit...thx
Anonymous SDSA General Fund In honor of Uncle Bill! - Leah Grogan Sakas and family
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Suzanne Spellicy SDSA General Fund
David Spellicy SDSA General Fund
Anonymous SDSA General Fund
Scott and Alicia Larsen SDSA General Fund 2014 Working Poor Charitable Org. Tax Credit
Wendy Kauffman SDSA General Fund